Why join Autologie?

Probably one of the first questions that comes to our mind when dealing with a such innovative and also not so easy to understand subject is: Why should i join Autologie? We know for sure that this is not an easy question to answer but we’re gonna do our best to please you.

First of all Autologie is a MODERN and REVOLUTIONARY subject, period. We are totally aware that we’ve not invented it all out of nothing and that other great minded individuals already knew a lot of our concepts, logics and equations, BUT, WE’VE PUT IT ALL TOGETHER IN A ORGANIZED AND SCIENTIFICAL FASHION. Knowledge now can be USED and APPLIED and as far as we know NO ONE have already done it. We’re proud to say that finally mankind has a “SCIENCE OF LIFE AND INNER-SELF”. We are proud to say that we’re part of it as well. We strongly believe that a successful man always stands for something higher than himself and that in a certain point in life, all of us feel the need to fulfill their existence with something that goes beyond our own self-existence. We know that a lot of you who are following us, reading our materials, watching our videos and etc… Feel the same way as described above. Sadly we are fully aware that mostly of mankind is still wandering in the shadows of ignorance and searching inner and life-knowledge beyond themselves through money and soul grabbing religions and gurus. That’s naturally, when they are not taking drugs, or wasting their precious lives in unmeaningful things. We stand against the fact of people losing their way because of ignorance, lack of duty and spiritual-blindness. Our mission is to help our fellow-men through our new advanced subject. And we’re not afraid to say that we are optimistic individuals specially about the future which is advancing through upper levels of knowledge, possibilities and technology. It is our duty to ensure that this future will be a bright one.

So again why join us? Here’s the following reasons:

  • A modern and APPLIABLE subject based on precise logics and equations
  • Finally something worth fighting for! The workability of our subject is what differentiate us from other philosophies and/or techniques
  • A subject which COVERS THE WHOLE SUBJECT OF LIFE AND KNOWLEDGE. We embrace Psychocybernetics, human and social sciences, politcs, ideology and so on
  • A continuing evolving subject, science-friendly which is devoid of DOGMATISM. We believe in democracy and human-rights, so everybody can practice Autologie without being forced to believe in all what we say. We strongly believe that knowledge is something which we build by ourselves. Autologie only provides you the tools the do it easily. We are looking forward to expand our discipline worldwide and you can help us in a lot of ways. Contact us for more information!


2 thoughts on “Why join Autologie?

  1. You use a lot of words to say nothing. How about some links to some actual content rather than just telling us to contact you? Until I can go online and read up all about you and your philosophy on my own time, forget it.


    1. Hello “someone” If you check our site with more attention, you gonna find all that you need in the section “Readings” Also our home page which is the “About” page has more information to satisfy your question. Have a nice day 🙂


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