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Finally we from Autologie are releasing a simple PDF version of our first official book named “Autologie – The study of inner-self”. We did this book for you and soon the official paperpack edition will be released on Amazon KDP! This book contains ALL the basic knowledge of our new discipline and a lot of […]

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Autologie UPGRADING theory

In Autologie we found that an individual could be represented as a form of life which is a compound of those 3 elements: LIFE STATIC, which is part of the UNIMETA (Metaphysical Universe), his body which is part of the UNIMATTER (Material universe) and his E-TRACK (Existential Track) which is the collection of his memories […]

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The MASTERY condition

In Autologie we have observed and discovered a condition called MASTERY. Mastery means “The total learning, communication and control of a subject both at a theoretical and practical level” and the subsequent condition is called CERTAINTY which will be explained in the next chapter. So we’ve decided to dedicate a whole chapter explaining this condition, […]

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The condition of “CERTAINTY”

We’ve been able to observe that in life some individuals reach a state of being which we are now calling the “Condition of certainty” and it fits perfectly. The condition of certainty is reached when WE ARE what we are DOING and to what we are communicating to. To be effective in life, it is […]

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If we want to put Autologie, its principles and logic into practice, we need to follow an organized and progressive method. Autologie aims to make the subject more aware and conscious about himself in relation to the existent UNIVERSES OF REALITY, namely His own inner-universe, UNIMETA and UNIMATTER. Knowledge of all universes equates in UNDERSTANDING […]


The relationship between knowledge, Interest and Responsibility Towards learning and Life Activities

The interest and attitude we have towards anything we put our attention on is a key factor to determine how serious, determined and specially capable, an individual is. For example, in this case we decided to study and / or practice so this of course applies also to Autologie. A person who has constantly the […]

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