LAOS or Life Aid & Operational Services are the services offered by Autologie. Our idea is that an advanced Autologie Operator is able to manage the problems of life. In Autologie beyond the study of the subject itself, our goal is to create capable individuals in different fields of life, activities and disciplines. In this way we make sure that we have a skilled operator for every area of life in order to be able to offer our service to anyone with almost any kind of problem or project. This is our goal and the way we offer the LAOS service. We have skilled operators in social interactions, marketing, the art of EDM (Emotional Discharge Mechanics) content creation, money management, accounting and so on. We’re looking forward to have more and more people working with us to build a more able society.

People who wish to live in the true sense of the word they have ideas, dreams and goals to reach. These people are precious to us. In fact, in the future they can become people who contribute positively to the advancement of civilization towards a more pleasant reality. Taking part and / or taking advantage of the LAOS service is a real honor because it shows that we are dealing with people who really are into becoming better individuals and who want to contribute in one way or another to society. This does not mean that those who study or practice Autologie must necessarily adhere to LAOS, no one is obliged to do what they do not want to. But LAOS is vital for the advancement and expansion of Autologie and also to prove the efficiency of our operators and our services. We are a successful and serious group and we are also here to do something meaningful and not to waste others people time selling them some kind of “abra kadabra miracle”. So we are more than willing to solve other people’s problems. This of course within the limits of the feasible. Cause we are a serious group we do not promise miracles but we certainly promise EFFICIENCY.

Some of the LAOS services include:

LPS – Livingness problem solving: Here we deal with helping and solving the problems of the daily life of those who come to us. A quarrel at home with loved ones, a problem that concerns social interactions, the difficulties in studying, the preparation of a project or event, communication problems with a loved one and etc.. Here we use a lot of the ability of MEDIATION .

OT – Outsourcing Tasks: Here we are dealing with people who have a project in mind or have started one but cannot manage it due to lack of staff and / or time. It is normal for many to have huge ideas. But very great ideas require hugr efforts and often a vast staff. Here we deal mainly with the world of creativity, content creating, marketing, art and similar activities. This field is vast since our idea is to have operators able to help those who use this service in most possible activities. A content creator might need a video editor, an influencer a professional photographer, a designer a good new app and a new entrepreneur a marketing and branding agent and so on. Many dreams have been abandoned not because of the lack of skills and good ideas but because of the lack of reliable personnel and cooperators. Autologie and the LAOS project are here to solve this kind of problem for you.

EDM – Emotional Discharge Mechanics: To adhere to the EDM project it is not necessary to study Autologie since it is a different subject. In spite of everything, in order to study and put Autologies into practice in an optimal way and to make the most of all the improvements obtainable from this discipline, it is vital “to be fit”. For this we intend to be mentally ok and stable. It is now known that NO kind of self-improvement can work under conditions of high stress, anxiety or even depression. It often happens that some people seek self-improvement disciplines to resolve their depression. Well in this case our advice is to look for a specialist in the field. We can ourselves, if available, find an operator who is a professional in the field of mental health but we cannot offer Autologie as a treatment for depression, anxiety, stress and the like of those conditions. That is a doctor’s job. Despite this, with the development of EDM we were able to improve the EMOTIONAL QUALITY of the subject through techniques studied and applied on different individuals who volunteered for the EDM project. With EDM we mean also any technique that can make the person feel better by alleviating their stress and anxiety. If the case goes beyond our abilities at that point we are dealing with finding an operator who is qualified to treat patients with psychological problems. In this section we invite and are willing to collaborate with professionals in the field of mind and invite them to read and study our materials. We believe that psychologists, psychiatrists, mental and life coaches have much in common with us and that in most cases they are people of great value and humanity. The choice of their work highlights the desire to understand life and help one’s fellows. We have a book available at our store where we dedicate ourselves completely to the explanation of EDM. You can find it also here:

Skillsharing: This section of the LAOS shows exactly the concept of what we want to do perfectly: Create and / or share skills. The service here takes care of the many freelancers who operate independently but need traffic and customers. These people want to offer their service and skills but sometimes being alone they have not so many possibilities to manage traffic and promotion of their products and / or skills which can lead to the abandonment of their goals and dreams, which we are really willing to to avoid. Here we are willing through our operators to offer a service of intermediation and management of traffic and promotion (social media and marketing for example) to these people where the service is paid only if it shows RESULTS. This means that those who wish to use this service will have to pay only if our work shows RESULTS. In Autologie the last of our intentions is to be paid without showing results. This is called exactly SCAM from some parts, something we are not part of. The intention of this service is also to meet new personalities with new skill sets. Them themselves can take advantage of Autologie as a study if they wish and offer their services to us if they are necessary, thus contributing to the OT project. Hence the name “skillsharing”. With skill sharing we also want to ward our operators by finding customers who they can give their service to. Skillsharing is one of our greatest projects and ambitions.

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