What is Autologie? – Autologie is an ability improving technology which mainly adresses the human mind and behaviour. It embraces many fields such has philosophy, politics, human sciences, ethics, knowledge and goals. It is a new approach to human behaviour and betterment who flawlessly improves an individual knowledge of life mechanics in order that one can handle it’s life to the best of its abilities.

is Autologie a science or philosophy? – Autologie by definition is “The study of inner self”. That means a set of precise metodologies that an individual uses to improve its knowledge of “self” in order to improve as an individual gaining the capacity to confront its own existence and reach its own goals. We consider ourselves an “life technology” because our methods follows precise rules and methodologies but we can’t always promise 100% gains because as an “self applied set of techniques” it depends also on the willpower of the practicing individual to work as he wants it to work. Anyway we do not consider ourselves and invariable science but we still apply a scientific methodology to our techniques.

Is autologie a form of psychotherapy? – It is NOT. Autologie has nothing to do with “miracle conversations” to alleviate an individual mental or spiritual pain. Also, we don’t use medical drugs by any means since we are NOT a medical profession. Autologie CAN work if APPLIED EXACTLY to improve knowledge and ability to confront life and reach personal goals. But it needs willpower and APPLICATION from who wants to make it work. We’ve discovered that only through discipline, willpower and love one can overcome conditions as depression and alike but we also know that this is not easy and not possible for everyone. In our counselling sessions we address MENTAL IMAGES which con contain -C (minus charges which are negative emotion charges) in order to make an individual regain his LIFE FORCE. Only in this case an individual can overcome its condition, we’ve found that there are not miracle solutions for depression and it is not our intention to lie to people. Anyway an individual has to be EDUCATED in autologie in order to receive its sessions because it works at its full potential only if correctly studied by the receiver and applied by the operator (in Autologie, operator is one who actually applies on the receiver our technology).

Is Autologie the key to happiness? – We cannot answer that. That’s simply because we’ve found that not all individuals are exactly “looking for” happiness. Autologie is WITHOUT ANY DOUBT the key to KNOWLEDGE and MENTAL/SPIRITUAL IMPROVEMENT. Ability is not ALWAYS linked to happiness. There’s a lot of people who are able but not happy unfortunately.

Is Autologie a new age religion or cult? – No by any means again. Autologie is basically ANTI-CULT in its core philosophy because it aims to improve an individual knowledge of self in order to make him more able and more “himself”. That means that our goal is to make independent and free thinking people and not slaves of some kind of ideology or idol/Guru based only on gullible creed. We don’t consider ourselves also by any means a religion because we work with logic and precise methodologies.

How autologie can help me? – Autologie can help anyone who wants to improve. If you are looking for something else, autologie is not for you. If you want autologie to make you feel better, escape reality or “cure emotional pain” we’re sorry to tell you that you still not have a full picture of what life is. Reality is that is only by improving life knowledge that you can experience life to its better. From knowledge and traits as willpower, courage and confront comes ability. And its a simple answer yet so hard to grasp for most of humanity. That why we’ve decided to create this technology in order to help WHO WANTS TO BE HELPED in becoming a better version of himself. Through autologie study and sessions we can help you grasp your life and destiny through PRECISE methodology, then you will be able to HELP YOURSELF.

Why i have to pay autologie? – Autologie operators are workers/Employees as every other professionals. And as that we have to survive and sustain ourselves in order to expand and mantain an high quality service. We also deliver one of the best mental technologies available for a reasonable price when compared to other “miracle based” profession. We also give everyone a first free session in order to make a person understand what is autologie and if he wants to go through with it.

Does autologie has to do with the “paranormal” world? – Not exactly. We use a lot of physics and metaphysics in our methodology for comprehesion reasons but we do not “believe in ghosts”.

How much time i need Autologie? – It is up to you. You use it until you’re satisfied, it’s entirely based on your goals and inner-self. We will not enforce you to continue autologie if you think that its does not match your goals or you feel ok with the amount of it done.

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