We need your support!

Finally we from Autologie are releasing a simple PDF version of our first official book named “Autologie – The study of inner-self”. We did this book for you and soon the official paperpack edition will be released on Amazon KDP! This book contains ALL the basic knowledge of our new discipline and a lot of TOOLS that you can use RIGHT NOW to improve your and you loved ones life.

We would like to remember that you can always read its separate chapters in our site session “READINGS”, all our material is free but if you want to help us on our mission through a little donation of only 1.99 we can send you personally our exclusive PDF copy! You can find the paypal button at the bottom of all our website pages!

We really need your help because only together we can build a better world for everyone!

Thanks for all the love that you showed us and keep supporting us! We are always looking forward to release new materials for you and help you in this amazing journey called LIFE!


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