Autologie UPGRADING theory

In Autologie we found that an individual could be represented as a form of life which is a compound of those 3 elements: LIFE STATIC, which is part of the UNIMETA (Metaphysical Universe), his body which is part of the UNIMATTER (Material universe) and his E-TRACK (Existential Track) which is the collection of his memories and past events in his whole existence. This is the equation of existence and “Oneself” and it serves us extremely well in the application of Autologie UPGRADING TECHNIQUE which will be entirely discussed in this chapter. In order to apply Autologie’s UPGRADING it is MANDATORY to understand this whole book concepts and theories and the equation aforementioned which will render its whole application not simply easier, but POSSIBLE as a whole. The upgrading technique follows a lot of similar rules of the SCANNING AND DISCHARGING technique BUT, it has to be applied only AFTER that one if the individual is not in a good shape emotionally speaking. In UPGRADING an individual, he will be using a lot of his LIFE FORCE and MENTAL PROCESSING thinking, which will generate MENTAL MASS, CONFUSION FLOWS and all the phenomena correlated to “THINKINGNESS”. The whole goal of UPGRADING is to create a more able individual. There is no other reasons for UPGRADING and also it is not some sort of magic or miracle formula.

As explained in the previous chapter “SCANNING AND DISCHARGING TECHNIQUE” our DATABASE collects and files/”saves” the data visualized by the recorder in PRESENT TIME. Among this data, we have 3 specific types of RECORDINGS which remain imprinted and if negative, TRAPPED in our E-TRACK, namely: PHOTORECS, CELLRECS AND TRIGGERS. We have already told everything about them in the previous chapter and how they work. Those recordings contain -ENERGY (Minus or negative energy) which basically lower our FOCUS UNITS and LIFE FORCE. That’s is the main mechanic to understand about the mind and how it works and how it does NOT work. All -ENERGY is about lowering our IQ which is directly related to our FOCUS UNITS and our ability to have high attention levels in present time and LIFE FORCE, which is the basis of our willpower and ability to create and make things done. The only thing that holds our ability and zest for life back is the -ENERGY contained in our RECORDINGS. Without our FOCUS UNITS we cannot create new ability and use our already present ability, and without LIFE FORCE we cannot LIVE at all, because LIFE FORCE is the MOTHER of all creation. You can in mostly of cases tell someone LIFE FORCE and ATTENTION (Overall of focus units) just by looking at his face because facial expression without faking tends to shows us people EMOTIONAL QUALITY. The tools to make an individual regain his LIFE FORCE and FOCUS UNITS are all described in the previous chapter, but it is only half of the work through a complete self-improvement. Once an individual has his LIFE FORCE and FOCUS UNITS regained, or at least most of them, he is then able to IMPROVE his ability and LIFE FORCE. AFTER REGAINED please, not BEFORE. You MUST not make the mistake of applying UPGRADING before SCANNING AND DISCHARGING and we will never stop to stress it.

But what is human ability? How it can be measured? We approach a very logic and simple fact to determine that: “Ability is measured by the capability of make things done and reach objectives”. There is not much philosophy here because all other meanings of ability could be arbitrary meanings and here we want to OBSERVE AN OBVIOUS FACT TO MAKE A VERIFIABLE STATEMENT. As individuals we have our objectives and goals in life and we want to reach them. But in order to reach them, we need the enough amount of ability required. So first we regain our LIFE FORCE by DISCHARGING the ROOT of inability which is -ENERGY (Or -CHARGE) then we improve our mind processing speed (IQ) and our willpower. A sound mind is about having good and workable data and solutions for our problems in a reasonable amount of time and a sound “soul”/”state of being”/you name it is for having the will to create and control new realities. Those are the mechanics of ability, there is no more for it. Which ability to improve and what creations to make are individual choices, here we are concerned basically with “THE ABILITY TO CREATE ABILITY”. Believe it or not, that is not so complicated once we understand the ROOT and MECHANICS behind it, as already explained, but it takes a large amount of time because before an individual has to confront himself, his “being or one-self” and what to BE, DO and finally HAVE. That’s why knowing “one-self” is extremely important when creating ability. We have many “inner-states of being” but we must find a CORE PERSONALITY which at least we could consider our TRUE-SELF and then work on it and improve it. The first steps of Autologie UPGRADING are only about that.

The application of UPGRADING then is somewhat like the SCANNING AND DISCHARGING TECHNIQUE, but it is more similar a Q&A (question and answer) session then a processing session. Those questions were made with the specific intent to make an individual think about himself and his considerations over everything he is concerned with in order to understand himself and then be free from his doubts and the MENTAL MASS that is caused by OVERLOADING OF DATA, that means: ” The accumulation of information which creates identity and decision confusion”. This condition is what stops an individual from making choices and creating his reality which also leads to a lot of personal mistakes and “mischoices”. It impedes PROGRESSION and without progression you cannot have improvement at all. Improvement is a POSITIVE FLOW which keeps running SMOOTHLY, and a FLOW which in other hand is chaotic (as mental confusion) or affected by idleness is something which STOPS PROGRESSION. So here we are concerned about helping the individual to create a SMOOTH FLOW by eliminating CONFUSION FLOWS AND MENTAL MASSES caused by them.

Now we know that we need to get rid of those CONFUSION FLOWS which could be portrayed as CHAOTIC THINKING. You could draw a large amount of scribbles on a sheet to represent mental confusion and mental mass. See it? Now you must ALIGN those scribbles to create a STRAIGHT LINE which is a SMOOTH FLOW and the end of what makes an individual being trapped in confusion and idleness.

With the help of AIMED QUESTIONS we are struggling the UPGRADED (The one who receives UPGRADING) to THINK and CONFRONT his own THOUGHTS. He has to DISCHARGE the MENTAL MASS created by those CONFUSION FLOWS. He is, in lesser and simpler words ALIGNING THINKING and knowing better himself along the way. That is a tremendous achievement for an individual and DON’T undervalue it, because most of people devoid of this kind of knowledge cannot attain this STATE OF BEING which we are trying to reach here. Here we are again confronting -CHARGE, but in this case the -CHARGE is directly created by the individual MENTAL MASS. It is NOT about his E-TRACK and RECS as it happens in the SCANNING AND DISCHARGING TECHNIQUE. This Energy is not something from the past which got trapped but something which is being CONSTANTLY created as actual confused THINKING. That’s why UPGRADING is harder and takes more time. It is completely related to INNER-PERSONALITY and not PAST EXPERIENCES. Here we are dealing with the PRESENT and the FUTURE, not the PAST. That’s is the WHOLE mechanic of UPGRADING and how MENTAL MASS and THINKING work. That’s why KNOWLEDGE is PURE POWER and the KEY to ability. It is because CONFUSION, IGNORANCE and NOT-KNOWING of SELF are what STOPS a being to progress, they stop the FUTURE and without FUTURE there is no progression. As said before, the matter of TIME is a CORE KNOWLEDGE and mechanic in Autologie. You are improving an individual from the point of view of TIME and ENERGY in order to operate better through SPACE-TIME and MATTER. It is the STATIC that is improving its CONTROL over the KINETIC, it is UNIMETA which controls UNIMATTER, not the opposite. We are trying to REGAIN control and not losing it. Also, here we can also observe that it is through the correct attribution of RESPONSIBILITY and CAUSE that we can handle things, we are handling our INNER-SELVES because we ARE RESPONSIBILITY over the UNIMATTER and not the OPPOSITE. Most people who cannot be responsible for their own improvement and ability and who keep wrongly attributing CAUSE to OTHERS or the physical universe, cannot improve. That is a question of ETHICS which will be explained better in the next chapter

That’s mostly the whole theory behind UPGRADING. In the end this book you will find all the processes that you need to apply it in its best way.


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