The desire to explore, learn, investigate and above all , the desire TO LIVE and being curious about life and the universe around us turns out to be an increasingly rare quality in most human beings . It is almost certain that a potential being has always this quality, you cannot create and upgrade abilities in the presence of idleness and ignorance, hence our battle is against ignorance and idleness. It is necessary to understand that in Autologie these are vital qualities, a person who has little interest in knowing, exploring and creating will not be interested in subjects like Autologie at all since this study is born from the “will to know, live and create”.

The desire to learn, discover and improve are therefore excellent inputs to be a wise and capable human being who does not want to be ignorant and inert towards existence. These qualities can truly distinguish a slave/drone-minded individual from a free and capable being, so it is not surprising that these qualities are increasingly rare given the current worldwide situation.

An investigative and exploratory mind is a mind that first does not take things for granted. It is an active mind and characterizes a person who seeks and gets what he wants. There is no room for lazy people when we talk about exploration and research, this has often been the mindset of great men and the social agreement of our times is increasingly discouraging knowledge-seeking and the improvement we can achieve through “life researching” because a real explorer lives live and experience as a part of his inner research. So we consider a good mindset towards the study of existence to live and experience life as a research, that’s is what exactly means knowledge. It is also about self developing our inner-self, that’s the basic concept of Autologie and you will get the most of it if you grasp this mindset.

The best way to expand as an individual is to expand your knowledge, fields of study and activities which will consequently improve your general skills. This is one of the principles of “Multidimensionalism” or “the ability to be countless identities” and it is what makes an individual influence bigger because he can be CAUSE in most life activities, thus a valuable asset to society as a whole. We are looking forward to make more and more people the be an valuable asset to society cause the sense of duty is what fulfill men when they reach a mature state of being as an individual.

Sadly there are many people which are not aware that they have actually the ability to improve in life. Everybody can improve at least in something, willpower is everything needed sometimes.

Distractions sometimes slow people down in their self-improvement paths but this happens because more knowledge means more responsibility and therefore a being will have to confront sooner or later his responsibility towards society and his fellow human beings. We are not here to enforce and tell you what to do but it will come naturally has you keep growing as a being through your life path.

The path of self-improvement is the path of joy and joy is experiencing live to it’s fullest understanding it’s secrets, controlling it’s mechanics and specially: Creating a better place for our fellow human beings. A selfish being becomes slave of it’s own trap cause life mechanics were not meant to work on a selfish basis. The more you study Autologie the more you will understand it and your mental traps will gradually fall apart.


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