The condition of “CERTAINTY”

We’ve been able to observe that in life some individuals reach a state of being which we are now calling the “Condition of certainty” and it fits perfectly. The condition of certainty is reached when WE ARE what we are DOING and to what we are communicating to. To be effective in life, it is necessary to “KNOW HOW TO KNOW”. What is knowing to know? To know how to know is to be sure of something because we have studied it, we have confronted it, and above all: WE KNOW “THE WHY” or the “FOR WHAT” that something is being done. We reach a condition of certainty following these exact steps. Faith and certainty are opposites. Accepting realities/”Truths” without analyzing them is faith, which is also fake certainty. Applying new Knowledge to know if it works and for what it works is applied knowledge which leads to certainty. Certainty is integrity cause it is self-developed knowledge, unlike faith which is “other-developed knowledge”. Knowledge in its purest sense is always self-determined and self-developed. Faith and authority are derivatives . A Theocratic society is the same as an authoritarian society, and perhaps even worse as it perpetrates mental control on a mystical and fanatical level where the individual totally agrees with it. At least in a political Authoritarianism that does not happen as sooner or later those kind of states collapse on themselves as history shows us.

As you can see these two concepts NEVER lead to knowledge, but to “other-determined knowledge” which is the antithesis of certainty and knowledge in their purest meaning. Knowledge is simply TO BE, it is integrity, it is a grasp of our own reality. Many people who say they have a scientific and rational attitude towards life often fall into the rip-off of authority, that is: If “John is a great physicist renowned in his field of study, everything he says corresponds to reality!!”. So, even if it were so, an intelligent person would take the responsibility to analyze ALL the data given by John and then see if that data can be observed in real life and if it can be actually applied to match with reality. A truth holds true to the extent that it clarifies doubts and uncertainties, and above all, to the extent that it is FUNCTIONAL and WORKABLE. So there are also levels of quality regarding truth. If it has little functional value, this indicates that it can be ignored or that it can be done better. If there were no such reasoning, scientific progress would never have taken place, which unfortunately happened for what concerns the study of life and existence. As far as this field is concerned, we are still in the Middle Ages because of the attitude we show towards religions/faith and science/authority.

So the mechanics of “knowing” are what we are concerned with. If I believe everything that John says without making his data “my own data” (and that means analyzing the data given by ourselves), even if the data is true, my attitude remains the same as that of a believer. In Autologie we must be the “Researcher” and not “the believer”. This also leads to irresponsibility and ignorance. A person which believes that it will be the government and/or religion that will take care of her is a person at the mercy of other-determined realities. Basically, she has renounced integrity, responsibility and knowledge, which in simpler words is “betraying oneself”.

Certainty is for knowledge and MASTERY for ability but the concepts are really similar. Our goal is to re-stabilize your integrity as an individual.

The scale of certainty could be approximately represented as:

  • Responsibility / integrity / certainty
  • Knowing how to Know
  • Establish how useful and functional the data is beyond “than is true”
  • Know why and/or what should be done
  • Application of the data
  • Observation of the data in the real world
  • Proper and responsible study of the data

These are also gradients and can be used for many other situations and subjects. As you can see who skips such gradients are those that accept “knowledge” based on faith/authority. You must be the “scientists” yourself when you study all data that you are given, otherwise there will be not integrity in studying and also in living. If you really aim for knowledge and skill, you need this kind of MINDSET. Autologie teaches you to think as a “Life researcher”, we are no “faith business”. A person is immune to lies and half-truths when she starts to act in this way.

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