The database and Recorder Theory

We in the course of our life assimilate tons of data in the form of mental images, percepts and information. All this data is part of us, it constructs our E.T (Existential Track) which is a memory track with all our experiences on it. Think of the human mind as a sort of RECORDER. We record every bit of information and percept through our lifetime. This data is always stored in our DATABASE. The database is a theoretical entity like a computer hard disk that saves/records all information and percepts experienced in our EXISTENTIAL TRACK. We must keep in mind that information and percepts are two different types of data, these are:

1 – Mnemonic data recording:

This kind of data is also called in Autologie PHOTOREC (Photographic recording). Photorecs are mental image pictures stored in our DATABASE after being experienced in our Existential Track. Those are stored MENTALLY. Every bit of mentally stored information, under normal conditions passes through a process called DATA-PROCESSING which is the analysis of a datum or PHOTOREC. This kind of data is not to be confused with a physical perceptic, so it is not registered as physical sensation but as an IMAGE of the physical sensation, or an event happened in the physical universe. Those mental images (photorecs) contain narrative (what is or happened) type of emotional charge ( – negative or + positive) and significance (a consideration regards the event/information) Those elements made up the QUALITY of a photorec. So Photorecs are precisely organized by our DATABASE based on time (when happened/received) and quality (Narrative, Charge and significance). Those PHOTORECS influence actively and/or passively our life, they have actual MNEMONIC ENERGY in them. Those energies can be HARMONIC FLOWS or DISHARMONIC FLOWS. By that we mean that these can represent a FREE FLOW OF ENERGY or a STUCK/CHAOTIC MASS OF ENERGY. Those FLOWS are directly related to our EMOTIONAL QUALITY (happiness, sadness, rage, apathy, hope and so on..) and in some cases also to our physical health. The more DISHARMONIC/NEGATIVELY CHARGED is our mind the more we will feel bad and vice-versa. Those ENERGY FLOWS are all present in specific locations of our Existential track as said before, if they are CHAOTIC MASSES OF ENERGY they cause what we call MENTAL ANOMALIES.

Mental Anomalies are any kind of irrational behavior. Be it illogical acting, senseless fear, violent behavior, panic and so on. Those are called also Anti-survival Behavior. Anything that harms one’s own survival or others survival is considered to be an Anti-Survival Behavior. An Anti-Survival Behavoir does not need to be necessarily a violent action but anything that can lower our quality of life. For example, having an unnecessary fight against our boss at work and ending up losing our job is so far an anti-survival action because our job provide us our needed money for survival. So as you can see it is indirectly related to our survival. There are millions of mental anomalies and it is not worth to list them all here because it would take countless time, so for now it is important that you grasp the Anti-Survival concept above mentioned.

As we were saying, NEGATIVELY CHARGED ENERGY FLOWS (called simply DISHARMONICS in Autologie) they get stuck in some point of our Existential track. When they get stuck our FOCUS UNITS, which is to say, where we send our attention, remains totally or partially blocked in those points. When FOCUS UNITS are lowered (Because blocked to some extent) also our rationality and IQ get lowered. FOCUS UNITS and IQ are directly related, that’s because if our attention is stuck in some past event , we lose to a certain degree contact with the PRESENT TIME. The loss of this additional attention represent also loss in survival potential (which leads also to potential anti-survival behavior) because we can end up by distraction or irrational action hurting ourselves or the others around us. Needless to say, all of this lower our emotional quality which adds more DISHARMONICS and NEGATIVE CHARGE into our E.TRACK. All this continues to add up in our Existential track and is then filled in our DATABASE. Mechanically speaking our FOCUS UNITS remain trapped in those ENERGY MASSES presents in our PHOTOREC collection. The behavior of those DISHARMONICS depends upon the PHOTOREC content and how they act on our FOCUS UNITS. So the disharmonic energy can DISPERSE OR TRAP attention, either of them cause confusion and illogical Behavior.

Illogical behavior is directly related to TIME and SPACE-TIME. Being the EXISTENTIAL TRACK a time related entity, it can be messed up by energies which traps or confuses it. PHOTORECS of DISHARMONICS do it. Every PHOTOREC as mentioned before has it own content. That content is kept in our DATABASE. Having also SIGNIFICANCE/CONCEPT, PHOTORECS can be TRIGGERED. By TRIGGER we mean : A specific sensation or event in present time which MATCHES the content of one or more photorecs present in our DATABASE. When that happens, our FOCUS UNITS get scrambled around our E.TRACK. Some remains in Present time and the remaining get trapped or dispersed in energy dispersion or traps. That creates ATTENTION RIDGES which are fractions of FOCUS UNITS in present time and fractions in some past event of the E.TRACK. That also lowers our IQ. Since we are experiencing again the energy contained in our PHOTORECS, we feel as we were relieving the same situation in present time to some degree. Sometimes, if the PHOTOREC is heavily -CHARGED (Negatively charged) we can end up in a condition that we call REPLAY. The REPLAY is a condition where we are actually REPLAYING the behavior, emotional quality, content and feeling of a specific PHOTOREC in our E.TRACK. That is a major example of ANOMALY. So an anomaly contains TIME ILLOGIC also a poor analysis of present time situation and data. The data is analyzed by SIMILARITIES, which is to say: Similar content in our DATABASE that resembles to some degree our present ambient. All those mechanics happens only because of DISHARMONIC PHOTORECS and:

2 – Cellular recording:

There is a main difference between mnemonic recording and cellular recording. The first one stops if someone sleeps, is unaware or unconscious. The other one never stops. Also the first one records images, sensation and information/data and the second one records only physical sensation and percepts. As a way of saying: The cells in our body “never sleeps”. Physical sensation interacts directly with mnemonic sensation, that means that unwanted physical conditions WILL affect mental and emotional quality. Physical trauma is the primary cause of insanity and mental ANOMALIES. We call them CELLRECS as opposed to PHOTORECS. Those CELLRECS (Cellular recording) unfortunately are always negative. There is no good cellular recording when those get stuck as trapped energy. Cellular recording is DIRECTLY related to survival. It records mainly physical perception and impact. It is what many used to call the “reptile brain or animal mind”, that means that as opposed to a regular PHOTOREC which has already a defined significance on it and its direct cause (because it happens when the person is fully aware) a CELLREC, which is “primitive” contains only the physical registration, the mnemonic memory is not easily reachable because the traumatic impact causes the victim to be unconscious for a moment or the whole time of the event. That totally knocks off our FOCUS UNITS. But the event still remains entirely stored in our DATABASE, specially its percepts . All of those percepts can become TRIGGERS linked to those CELLRECS and make us relive the sensations and emotional quality present in the CELLREC but in this situation NOT ONLY THE CONTENT PRESENT IN THE CELLREC. As a matter of fact, CELLRECS can be attached to PHOTORECS if they contain similar experiences and/or percepts and vice-versa (altough most rarely). That’s because we normally cannot know what is causing the situation and so we ASSOCIATE our perceptions and sensation to something related to our PHOTORECS thinking that those are the actual cause of our bad mood while they’re not. CELLRECS are sneaky because they are not mnemonic and they get mixed up in our E.Track.

TRIGGERS take place when the present time ambient or an present event is similar to our RECS content. Be they PHOTORECS OR CELLRECS. This is pure “reptilian survival” in the case of CELLRECS. Because cells cannot give considerations (only the human mind can think through concepts) they TRIGGER based on physical sensation. We all know the 5 senses, they are basically all of our physical perceptics. For instance if the environment contains the same smell, temperature or shape as an environment present in our CELLRECS content, the CELLREC is Gonna TRIGGER, TRIGGERING probably also another PHOTOREC on it. Basically everybody know the “strange sensation in the stomach” or the “unexplained bad mood or anxiety”. We cannot explain them but we know that we are not feeling ok so sometimes we think that the cause is some bad experience which in the 99% of the cases is not related to the actual CELLREC. So those are the TRIGGERS which leads a subject straight to irrationality, low life force and bad mood in general. The CELLRECS as said before are more tricky cause they don’t contain their actual IMAGE (sometimes they don’t contain any image at all) but they contain the image and also the charge of an unrelated PHOTOREC.

Our E.TRACK and its events:

So our E.TRACK records 2 REALITY UNIVERSES + 1. Those are: The physical Universe which we call UNIMATTER, the mnemonic universe which we call UNIMETA or also Metaphysical Universe and finally our inner universe which is our considerations and thoughts about reality. The physical universe is a compound of Mass-energy + space-time. It is located everywhere and has constant movement. We can call it also KINECTIC UNIVERSE because its atoms, sub-atoms and particles never stops. It is a chaotic universe. The Metaphysical universe or UNIMETA is a universe of thought, it is pure nothingness and has no location in space-time and no energy-mass. It contains only consideration and will. It is a perfect 0, it is a STATIC UNIVERSE. Our E.Track is a compound of those universes interactions, and we as result of this interaction + our considerations about it. For an analogy we could consider ourselves the RECORDER of those universes, we record everything in our E.Track and store it in our DATABASE. The recordings as mentioned above are of two kinds: Mnemonic or PHOTORECS and cellular or CELLRECS. Each kind of recording belongs to one of the 2 known universes: UNIMATTER AND UNIMETA. We, our inner-self is the VARIABLE in the middle of those 2 universes. We can control and modify them or be subject to them e their force. We are the intention, consideration and Will among the universes. Our ability is measured based on our ability to control those 2 universes, and our well being is correlated to the quality of our interaction with those universes. The interaction with those universes can be RATIONAL or IRRATIONAL. When it’s irrational it is because we are operating through mental ANOMALIES which are caused by ENERGY DISHARMONICS present in our E.TRACK. Those DISHARMONICS as said before are the result of the -CHARGED ENERGY created by our RECS which traps or disperses our FOCUS UNITS which are the basis of our Q.I and rationality . Those traps also LIFE FORCE. Life force could be considered the WILLPOWER of our “inner-self”. Through willpower comes creation, ability and specially life. A good amount of LIFE FORCE also results in a good EMOTIONAL QUALITY. When LIFE FORCE is low, also our emotional quality will be low. As we know, energy can be positive or negative. Positive energy creates and brings order while negative energy destroys and brings chaos. Absence of energy, could be considered no creation and no movement at all . As we can see ability and emotional quality are directly related to FOCUS UNITS and WILLPOWER. Those can be HARMONICS-POSITIVE-ORDERED OR DISHARMONIC-NEGATIVE-CHAOTIC as aforementioned. TIME plays a great role in our E.TRACK because our DATABASE stores everything based on it. RECS are ordered based on TIME of the event. Since RECS TRIGGERS each other, a prior REC can trigger a later one and vice-versa, scrambling our FOCUS UNITS as usual. That’s why irrational behavior is “TIME BUGGED”, it REPLAYS the content and sensation of past events and apply them to present time. That basically traps us in time and older states of being. In lesser words, ANOMALIES are DISHARMONICS PROJECTED INTO THE PRESENT TIME. Those are the mechanics of irrationality. Our goal so it so make the individual “HARMONIC”/RATIONAL again.

The re-scanning and Discharge technique:

In Autologie we are dealing with MNEMONIC ENERGIES. As said above those can be HARMONICS OR DISHARMONICS. We want basically to get rid of the unwanted ones, namely the DISHARMONICS. Those are stored in the so-called RECS. Everyone of us has them. Those RECS are stored in our DATABASE and they can trigger at any moment depending in our actual emotional or physical quality or based in what is present in our present time ambient (or both naturally). We know that EVERY of those elements mentioned are present in our E.TRACK because our mind never stops recording. We know also that the E.TRACK is related to time which is directly related to sanity and rationally. Illogical behavior stems from ILLOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF EVENT + TIME. People tend to REPLAY old behavior or conditions in their present time environment resulting in illogical behavior. That happens only when a person is really unconscious (which is caused by physical pain and/or emotional stress) because our FOCUS UNITS get trapped in some specific negatively charged event contained in our E.TRACK. What we want to do here then is to UNTRAP and RELEASE those trapped/dispersed energies and along with them, our FOCUS UNITS. Fortunately the technique is really easy thanks to the help of precision sciences as math, physics and specially engineering applied to the mind. Old techniques failed in this application because they never applied precision sciences and logical structures to their technology but specially: They failed to understand that the mind is not only thought but it is thought + Mass-Energy & Space-time. An E.TRACK cannot exist if we don’t consider the existence of the physical universe (unimatter) and its relation to the mind. Specially, without the a E.TRACK, you can’t solve the illogics and problems related to time. But since now we have those tools we can. There are 2 techniques for this that will be improved for sure through time. They are the Re-scanning technique and discharge technique. Those techniques are directly related to our FOCUS UNITS and NEGATIVE CHARGES. We gonna talk better about those techniques in the next chapter.


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