The relationship between knowledge, Interest and Responsibility Towards learning and Life Activities

The interest and attitude we have towards anything we put our attention on is a key factor to determine how serious, determined and specially capable, an individual is.

For example, in this case we decided to study and / or practice so this of course applies also to Autologie. A person who has constantly the will to discover new things is an individual interested not only in new activities and knowledge but interested in the subject of life as a whole. He could be considered basically a “natural born explorer ” and he is in constantely serious about his interests and activities. A serious, constant and solid dedication towards any subject of study and/or practice by an individual is what distinguishes a professional from a casual/amateur student/practitioner. The individual is INTERESTED, that is, his interest comes out as an INFLOW (His own decision and attitude) and not from an OUTFLOW (Other people interest or control). Those are in a way basically the mechanics of CAUSE and EFFECT applied to SELF – BEINGNESS, for example: The individual does not allow itself to be carried along by other people’s ideas, since he assumes a causative role towards his choices which will result in his interests and activities. that is to say, the individual does not necessarily need always an external stimuli (even if an open minded individual never disdains interesting ideas that can start from an external source) to explore or do/learn new things. Life in itself is the object of INTEREST, if there is no interest there is not possibility to a profound knowledge and experience of life, but only poor or monotonous survival as most “drones” do. Here we can really start to understand the difference Between living life as “bare survival” and living life for real.

A being interest determines many things but especially who will have the possibility to be free and who will be a potential slave. This is a legit statement keeping in mind that those who lack interest in most cases get carried away by the events, will and realities OUTFLOWED by others. This indicates that those who do not take on a causative role towards life (interest towards it) tend to become an EFFECT POINT towards their own existence and not a CAUSE POINT, which is the most desirable condition of being if an individual wants to experience life to its fullest improving his abilities and knowledge. The “BE AN EFFECT” mindset makes the person much more vulnerable to false data and DATA IMPLANTING which is usually perpetrated by ideological authoritarianism, since we live in a reality in which knowledge is hidden, not pursued and suppressed. The interest that underlies “desire” to explore is almost mandatory if we want to actively work in life and achieve higher levels of knowledge, ability and awareness. Those are often the kind of things that “don’t knock at our door” we have to reach them by ourselves. It is the desire “TO BE” who determines who we will be in life. If you can’t “BE by yourself, other gonna choose what you will BE” . In less words: Either you take responsibility for your destiny or it will be stolen away from others. After a lot of observation made by us in Autologie, we came to the conclusion that an individual life does not remain “static”, that is to say, you cannot avoid cause and effect at the same time, if you avoid cause you become effect and vice-versa. So, it is all up to you.

In the current educational system we can observe that about 80/90% of students are forced to study subjects that they would not be personally interested in, either because they are not interested at all or because the method used to teach makes the subject studied less interesting than it could be, if it was at least taught in the right way with workable teaching methods. The dynamics of CAUSE and EFFECT here are very exposed. Students are not wholly allowed to analyze the data taught to them, since it should be taken for granted that what is taught at school HAS to be true and you know, the students there need to pass their exams, so they have to answer always as they we’re taught in class. What can happen in those situations is that the received data BYPASS forcefully the DATA PROCESSING mechanism (which most of the times is not even recognized or told at school the existence of this computational mechanism of the human mind, which is the BASIS of the learning process) and the data could end up being automatically implanted in the subject’s database not as VARIABLE DATA (“can or cannot be true based on context” type of datum) but as FIXED DATA (“it is always true, so no questioning” Type of datum). Students are not given the opportunity to determine whether or not the data received is valid. IT ENDS UP THAT MOST UNAWARE STUDENTS are forced to “Copy and paste”, if they want to pass all school exams. This diminishes the interest an individual could have towards a subject OF STUDY because it denies the WILL AND INTEGRITY of the individual, since DATA PROCESSING action is a part of being CAUSE towards one’s own knowledge and reality. This consequently decreases its causativity towards existence since it could not be cause in relation to knowledge and activity. A hypothetical LOGICAL SCALE of IDENTITY could be:

Identity – Interest – study – cause – mastery.

An individual usually tries to have his own identity through the WILL to consider (give a personal consideration about something) and “to be” (have an identity). Therefore he loses everything when his identity and his “possibility of being” are taken away from him, which makes him less intact since integrity diminishes to the extent to which the individual identity is denied by external factors/forces. WE ARE an identity and if we cannot “BE”, we will NOT “BE” and that is to say we are no MORE INDIVIDUALS but a mass of COLLECTIVE DRONES which individuality HAS BEEN DENIED. A DRONIZED society IS PLAGUED by this situation. So, in other words, by nullifying the individual AND by focusing on the collective mass mindset, ignoring the fact that if we are not able to be individuals, we will certainly not be able to operate as a group. That’s because a being expands his “oneself” towards more “ZONES OF INTEREST” (which are the zones of life where he puts is attention, interest and action) by increasing its own reality and operating on other realities. A group without IDENTITY therefore appears to be a group of zombies / slaves and not individuals with THEIR OWN INDIVIDUALITY. All this can only lead to a dystopian future made by mindless people acting LIKE MECHANIZED drones. A very large part of human ignorance STEMS from these aforementioned mechanics. When we deny men’s identity we’re basically denying everything.

As the 21st century keeps advancing we notice more and more the a phenomena involving “social rebels behavior” which could mean a lot of things and involve a lot of kinds of “rebels”. But nowdays, to be a rebel, it is enough not to accept the aforementioned mechanics and social dogmas. in simple words, it means to stick being an INDIVIDUAL and not a COLLECTIVE DRONE. A curious, knowledge seeker, who analyzes things by himself, who has an identity that diverges a lot from the drone standards dictated by our current society, is COMMONLY seen by the masses as “strange” INDIVIDUAL (a term that ordinary people use unconsciously to mean “not aligned with social dogmas” or to describe something that they cannot understand) and in SOME cases, THIS KIND OF “REBELS” can be marginalized by society, even though often such people tend to distance themselves from the masses by their own choice as they, most of times consciously or unconsciously, realize that there is something “wrong” WITH THE MASSES AND THE WAY THIS WORLD IS RUN.

The importance of identity and interest in being able to become more skilled, AWARE and prepared against social dogmas are a key factor FOR an enjoyable life. An individual has the opportunity to improve and expand AS LONG AS he is determined to improve and holds still a great interest towards new activities and knowledge. These are the factors that OPEN the doors to a self-improvement mindset and attitude. That’s why in a study subject the possibility of “BEING” and self-analyzing data is A KEY FACTOR to success. It was observed by us that an individual becomes exceptional in something to the extent that he makes that something “his own PERSONAL study”, that is to say a “research like way of studying”. This indicates that to be an excellent student IN AUTOLOGIE and to understand this discipline to its depth, you need to study it and feel it as if it were your “research field” or part of you as ultimately the experience of life itself is what generates affinity between individuals . But if you negate to someone this attitude and “lock the doors of knowledge” to an individual who has the NATURAL BORN capacity to CONSIDER and to “BE” YOU GONNA ONLY end up creating another social DRONE who cannot think by himself. So if you are a person interested and curious about new knowledge, you can consider yourself a part of a minority of individuals who can really hope to improve over time as you study this subject. We do not deliver miracles here but we deliver for sure APPLIED KNOWLEDGE in order to open your “gates” to progressive self-improvement.

One of the main social problems today is what the educational system actually does, Namely: To take away all the potential qualities and potential present in people. Instead of being a place to learn new things and develop new abilities, it seems a place to apply MASS IMPLANTING manipulating people’s mind, “TEACHING” what they arbitrarily consider “valuable data” and what pleases them the most in order to keep people passive in thinking and acting. THAT IS A WAY OF TEACHING PASSED TO GENERATION BY GENERATION, SO MOST OF THOSE “TEACHER AND PROFESSORS” ARE IMPLANTED WITH FALSE KNOWLEDGE AS WELL. THEY GOT USED TO “REPEAT DATA FROM BOOKS” BUT REALLY FEW OF THEM HAD THE DATA ACTUALLY ANALYZED BY THEMSELVES.

We COULD call those schools and THE way USED to handle human education “Drone Factories” and “Mechanization of the human Mind”. In schools they don’t teach you the most important thing: Which are the mechanics of life and how to be more capable in the act of living, and ESPECIALLY: HOW DATA SHOULD BE ANALYZED IN ORDER TO DIFFERENTIATE TRUE AND USEFUL DATA FROM FAKE AND USELESS DATA. teaching how the “STRUCTURE OF LOGICS” works is really important since it is only thanks to logics that we can understand whether something makes sense or not.

A true MASTERY condition (explained in the specific chapter) can only be achieved if we aligned our affinity with our identity and integrity, qualities that precedes our interest zones themselves. AFFINITY in this case is defined: “The level of reality that a being has towards a subject that reflects its identity to the extent that the two flows (INFLOW and OUTFLOW) align and communicate with each other” This is because communication is everything. You cannot identify yourself with something if you do not communicate and do not reflect yourself with it and vice-versa. To be able to communicate, it is necessary to BE and to feel affinity, therefore if we are prevented from BEING, we are prevented from communicating. And communication is MADE FROM “CAUSE UP TO EFFECT” It is made by two ore more inflows, if one is denied, so there is no more communication at all. All authoritarianism is a one-way communication/flow where the source is the only CAUSE present and all other RELAY POINTS (The individuals which receives the communication) must be ONLY EFFECT, they are not allowed to “OUTFLOW” themselves. When people are forced to do something against their own will and are forced to adapt to such conditions, they lose their own integrity, they have what we call INTEGRITY RUPTURES because their INFLOW is interrupted / disturbed. A total rupture of integrity is a great loss in identity and from there on, a being becomes more and more a SOCIAL DRONE. The creation of the human ability and the achievement of MASTERY CONDITION on the various subjects entirely depends on these factors.

For this reason Autologie has the primary objective of ensuring that the subject restores his own identity and becomes a true individual in all respects so that THE DOORS of knowledge, skills and abilities are opened to him. We do not guarantee miracles but we can guarantee that at least the subject will have the opportunity to make it in the game of life and to play. Drones sadly do not play this game.



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