Introduction to Autologie’s basics

Definition: Auto – Self / “oneself” and Logie / Logos: Study / Study of. Autologie is the study of “Oneself”. It’s goal is to make a person more self-conscious to the point of being able to operate in life in the way that he really might feel satisfied and fulfilled. The knowledge contained in this new branch of study is the set of years and years of research in the fields of philosophy, humanities, physics, metaphysics, quantum physics, psychology and arithmetic. Our goal is to increase people’s knowledge of what we call Existential Mechanics or E.M. These mechanics are the result of the observation of human activities in the various DIMENSIONS in which it operates. The dimensions are any kind of activity linked to the act of living, whether it is a group activity, the field of art, love and etc. It’s ability to operate in such areas increases to the extent that it knows itself and existence as a whole and along with that its happiness accordingly. It is in this way that we handle life: through a set of applied and functional knowledge. Our aim is to give you functional data and to make you understand how the mechanics “cause up to effect” of existence and human behavior works. We guarantee you a high level of knowledge of these mechanics and of life but it is only your will and dedication to decide whether to make them work or not. Throughout history there has never been an “easy” method to live a happy and productive life. “Happiness” is the result of ignorance and is a short-term happiness. Happiness is the result of dedication, action and perseverance. Your tenacity and creativity will decide what you will then do with the knowledge that this branch of study is about to offer you.

Enjoy the reading

  The Autologie Staff

A person in the course of its life assimilates data, be they memories or information, the person assimilates what he sees, perceives and feels. Think of the mind of an individual as a sort of RECORDER. The subject registers everything as spends his time in this world. This data is always stored in its DATABASE, that is, where all recorded experiences and perceptics are stored. The database is a theoretical entity like a computer hard disk that saves the data that we decide to insert into it, the difference in the case of a human being is that he simply “saves” everything even if apparently “forgets” of some data. However it is necessary to keep in mind that the RECORDER ALWAYS records beyond the subject’s will and these data go into our theoretical DATABASE.

It is often said that the human mind is like a computer while in the face of facts, and more accurate analysis show that it is the computer that resembles a human mind since it is the human mind that PROJECTS (creates) its data in the physical universe, so it is legit that the computer science is structured following the logical thinking and mental mechanisms. This means that Ironically an excellent computer scientist would be probably able to understand the human mind, at least as regards the assimilation and organization of data and their use and mechanics much better than an alleged psychologist or psychiatrist who actually study mental illnesses but not the mind as a whole for what it is. Data, reality of the physical universe and the way it is constructed and organized in the end are nothing but PROJECTIONS of the human mind that take shape in our SENSORIAL REALITY or Physical reality. In autologism the human mind would be a static recorder of existence and consciousness itself. What we call STATIC is something which as no mass, place in space-time and energy. It is a theoretical entity which serves us to explain WHAT comes BEFORE every other PROJECTION of The mind, that means the existence of any form of Physical universe entity.

The recorder is ALWAYS active and records based on the sensory channels present in the human psyche. the SENSORY CHANNELS transmit the sensations of the physical universe to the body of the individual, without them, a static existence would not be able to actively communicate with the physical universe since it would not be able to experience the sensations communicated by the physical universe to the body up to the mind. In autologie the physical universe is named with the abbreviation UNIMATTER or matearial / sensitive or solid universe.

DATA is information while PERCEPTIONS are TRANSMISSIONS. DATA is part of UNIMETA, that is, a metaphysical / non-sensitive universe. The human mind therefore belongs to the UNIMETA while the body to the UNIMATTER and these two universes or layers of reality interact with each other in a TRANSMISSIVE-RETROTRANSMISSIVE way. The interaction can be HARMONIC / ORDERED OR DISHARMONIC/ CHAOTIC. The fact is that these two universes interact CONSTANTLY, in a non-stop fashion, so to understand how the mind, the universe and life itself work, it is necessary to keep this information in mind. In the past many have thought that man was only flesh and bones, while others have said that life on this planet made no sense but it was only a spiritual transition of existence on this reality layer. Basically, either denied the existence of one of the two universes or diminished the importance of one of those. LIFE, is considered by autologie a “STATIC RECORDER WITH CONSCIENCE”. It is the result of the calculation UNIMETA + UNIMATTER = LIFE. Life is a COSTANT VARIABLE in the physical universe because it is capable of INTENTION CONSIDERATION AND ACTION. The projections are the result of the equation “C + I + A” (Consideration, intention and action) = P (Projection). The first consideration of a static is the one of BEING. Being means EXISTING / HAVING a role. We create what we are and we are what we want to be starting from the fact that a static existence is an absolute 0. An absolute 0 is simply “what exists and controls the UNIMATTER without being directly influenced by it, nor being limited by its laws”. The human mind exists but cannot be seen or touched, so it logically does not belong to the UNIMATTER. This theory should give you an insight to how coinceve the mind and non physical existence.

By this we mean that the static of existence is something that considers and creates/projects realities in the UNIMATTER but above all it has the power to WILL. The difference between a conscious being and an electronic or unconscious mechanism in general, as can be a minor life form is basically WILL. WILL exists only if there is a consciousness. A static is CONSCIENCE. A static as it acts in a HARMONIC manner in the sensible universe, he maintains his consciousness. His consciousness begins to degrade to the extent that it begins to act in a DISHARMONICAL manner.

Starting from 0 or a hypothetical “beginning of everything” we can observe that for to be/exist something, first is needed the consideration / Idea that there is something is necessary to be/exist. Then is necessary the intention to CREATE that something and then CREATE it. Here we can observe the LOGICAL-SEQUENTIAL LINE OF EVENTS / CIA SCALE: Consideration – Intention – Action = Creation

About human activity and behaviour:

Games, challenges, movies or any activity share rules / casts of characters and roles. The creation of a game or group activity works correctly and in a healthy way to the extent that this activity is well ORGANIZED. The organization includes RULES. HARMONY and DISHARMONY are related to how to play, whether in an organized manner and in accordance with the estabilished and agreed RULES or not. Human ETHICS are related to how we play the game of life and its subgames in general. As those activities becomes more disharmonious the game begins to become more and more UNETHIC, that is to say disorganized and not well administered. An extremely disharmonious and unethical game begins to become CORRUPT. Repetitive Correction is basically the result of an activity or game played over and over in a disharmonious / disorganized manner. BEING means being cause and for every kind of cause there is an sequential series of act that leads to its final effect. A harmonic cause IN A HARMONIC GAME creates HARMONIC effects and vice – versa. The rules are what we call : “MECHANICS OF CAUSE UP TO EFFECT” of a game or human activity, they are reversed to the extent that the game becomes corrupt. A game is played well to the extent that we make the mechanical CAUSE UP TO EFFECT function correctly, whether ethical or corrupt. This means that being the only ethical in a corrupt game could be good for the integrity of the individual but it certainly would NOT LEAD TO VICTORY. A lot of human activities, polithics above all, are in this condition in this world right now.

A static is eternal and its greatest challenge is to stand before the eternity of time, for this he projects / creates games. In the game UNIMETA VS UNIMATTER he starts to DISARMONIZE / CORRUPT in the measure in which he believes to BE THE GAME and he forgets to be the creator of the actual game and that all this is just a game after all. To play, however, it is necessary to INTERPRET the role assumed, for example: Imagine a movie in which the actor is not able to impersonate the character he has chosen to be. Of course it would not be a good actor and therefore the movie would not be made or it would not be a good movie. ABILITY IS THE ONLY THING IN THIS UNIVERSE THAT DETERMINES THE ACTUAL SUCCESS. Luck and repetitive correction of a error which seems to work are simply LIFE HACKS or AGREED RULES BYPASSING, which means that although the subject is well and things are good for him, he will always be at the mercy of his own (variable) luck and will not yet have with him ‘the ability to CAUSE what he wants in the physical universe/UNIMATTER. A basic static is cause and in the UNIMETA-UNIMATTER game, ability is measured based on the subject’s ability to cause what he wants when he wants it. Of course, luck has nothing to do with skill, and if we lived in a world where games were “all gambling” it would result in living in an extremely corrupt world which is not so far from our actual reality. No coincidence that gambling is often not frowned upon. Those who cheat in the game of life are corrupt and potential criminals, cheating / doing rule bypassing is often the result of inability / little skill. The cause of a corrupt game is corrupt rules and / or a lot of shared inability. If you create an unfair game then you create players who will be corrupted sooner or later.

Unfortunately, one of our greatest problems is that life DOES NOT have a manual of instructions and definite rules to how to live and play/operate in it. And by now we can observe that school and science do not deal deeply with questions and issues concerning the UNIMETA / METAPHYSICAL-SPIRITUAL reality as it is often not considered or even ignored at all. Truth is that like it or not, ALL of us are part of this game called life since we are on the same planet. Like it or not, it is necessary to understand how this game works to play it well, otherwise as I said before people end up at the mercy of luck or Repetitive correction of an error. And as we can see, it leads to an unhappy and in a lot of cases, in a tragic ending. We are here to help you not end like that, this is Our Goal

The greatest crime in this game is not to make it clear and say it actually exists. The is a game of life Actually. We are not only talking about phenomena as METALOGICS, STATES OF CONSCIENCE, STATIC BEINGS, MECHANICS OF CAUSE UP TO EFFECT, PROJECTIONS/CREATION AND AGREED ACTIVITY/GAME RULES. The fact here is there is no mention of how life is composed and organized. Consequently corruption, disharmony and Repetitive correction are inevitable, as shown by the often chaotic history of this planet but also the history of how organized and ethical societies function naturally better than unethical and disorganized societies. Understanding how the mind and human behaviour works, which is what the static uses to operate in the kinetic world (unimatter) is vital to be able to live life better both in relation to oneself and to others.

Autologie deals exactly with this, and one of the first steps beyond education is understanding how the human mind database works.

The structure of the mind registration of the physical/kinetic and metaphysical/static universe is more or less like this:

Observation or sensation of the data / event – Reception by transmission (if physical) reception by analysis (if metaphysical / symbolic) Processing of the data – Power of choice whether to use it or discard it.

A static to analyze something clearly is necessary to be at the 0 MIND CONDITION, that is, devoid of any PRE-CONSIDERATION / PRE-CONCEPT. Pre concepts are formed on the basis of previous considerations, SIMILAR PRE-DATA (data or registration similar but not the same of what is observed in the present moment) that create associations.

A TRANSMISSION contains tactile / physical sensation, if this transmission is charged with COUNTER-FORCE or IMPACT DAMAGE it creates a DEZ (disarmonic energy zone). This is because the body is composed of cells and those become disorganized if there is a violent impact with any kind of physical matter. The body, being composed of cells, registers these impacts but defuses the mind if they result extremely violent and painful. This shows that there is only one recording of the transmission without however ANALYZING / DATA PROCESSING as the mind must be present to analyze. This creates in the mind ZIPP ZONES or black areas, in which the person is unable to remember at will. This mechanism occurs for reasons of survival since it would be unbearable for the subject to bear all the pain caused by a violent impact against any form of the UNIMATTER. Needless to say, such a violent and unbalanced confrontation between the two worlds (UNIMETA and UNIMATTER) creates a disharmony between those. The individual becomes very involved in his own body and many of his FOCUS UNITS, which are the basis of a subject’s level of consciousness, that is, “how much he is awake and alert in the present time” are dispersed. When the units of concentration are dispersed, the attention of an individual decreases and consequently its ability to analyze data and operate in the sensitive reality. This ensures that the MACHINERY or CIRCUITS present in the body of the subject (the animal “mind” that many love to call “instinct or reptilian brain”) come into action to provide for the survival of the body by replacing the static itself. These circuits tend to COMPACT / INTERIORIZE the STATIC in the body, often introverting it to the point that the STATIC becomes a less able to control the kinetic body, or better, up to the point in which the static of existence begins to believe to be the body in itself and starts to give in to the reactive machinery of the body. This means that he will see things “too close”, this means that his FOCUS UNITES will be extremely FIXATED at one point (often where he had problems and / or physical damage) that he will not be able to concentrate well on anything else and being “too close” to the area of ??the problem. He will not be able to see it since if we are “interiorized” on something, whether it is passive or active, we often risk not being able to see it as we have to exteriorize ourselves from that something, that means “widen the radius of attention units “.

The absolute POWERS of a static one, as we said before, are CONSIDERATION and WILL. He loses in the game UNIMETA VS UNIMATTER as he begins gradually to lose these powers, or better, to “forget that he has them”. Memory and mind in general worsen to the extent that the concentration units of a subject are put out of play. The memory includes in itself the TIME FACTOR. The I.Q of an individual is measured according to the speed in which he performs AUTONOMOUS and CORRECT calculations, and how much data he can hold before forgeting it in present time. CALCULATIONS are basically a SEQUENTIAL ALIGNMENT OF DATA and Logics are what we use to carry out this alignment. Information and data are “captured” based on how many free FOCUS UNIT the individual has. If a high number of units are “OUT” (unavaible in the present moment) they do not work or do not capture enough data or do not capture it at all, this means that the mind will not have the data available to perform the necessary calculations or will have to retrieve and analyze them in the present moment. This process is called “DATA PROCESSING” and this always works better if the focus units are aligned and not dispersed. The focus units take care of analyzing the data IN THE MOMENT THAT THEY ARE RECEIVED, but above all of understanding that they HAVE BEEN RECEIVED. The automatic mental machinery (the “reptilian mind”) work in the opposite way. They provide immediate data based on some similarity present in the physical universe with the given data. An “unreal” but yet useful example: Let’s us say that “little davis” saw a frisbee disk flying by, but he was actually stunned (or very distracted because of some other problem previously) so that the event could not be fully analyzed. He doesn’t know what a frisbee disk is, never seen one, but he knows what a dishplate is. He captured only the mental image (photorec) of the disk but did not ANALYZE what was. As time passed, his concentration units still missing, he did not considered to analyze what he had seen. Said briefly he was asked by a friend to buy a freesbe but he arrived at home with a plate in his hand justifying (correcting) that it had the same shape.

This example is of course far too surreal but indicates how the “Machinery mind” works. It works through PHOTORECS, or photographic recordings of the physical universe. These recordings register on the basis of physical Pain, which shots down the “static mind/0 mind” and so those recs have only “sensations/perception. They have not the activity called DATA PROCESSING. Thus a static without consciousness has a low I.Q because it lacks its own analytical capabilities, it depends on the machinery circuits of the body that operate only at the level of images and instantaneous / stimulus-response survival. If you’ve wondered what an artificial mind is, this is simply a reactive mechanism that triggers certain actions based on certain associations in the unanalyzed database (often photorecs). It operates with images and PRE-DATA (data similar to something observed that overlap with the obnotic/present moment observation of that something in present time).

The focus units are also responsible for the TIME LAGs present (mnemonic lags) in the calculations of the human mind and in the communication / reception itself. In fact, any type of narcotic, narcosynthetic or similar produces dispersion of focus units which results more time lags in the mind of the Individual. Time lags not only receive and output data with “timegaps” but often some parts of the data are not captured or are captured with considerable delay. A individual with an overly “delayed” mind is a person full of mnemonic time lags.

As you can see the basis of almost everything, as far as learning is concerned, consciousness, attention and calculation speed depend on these Focus units. However, they are dispersed not only due to physical pain, but also to emotional pain.

Metaphysical / spiritual pain is much more variable and complex than the physical one, since this depends on the individual CONSIDERATION of what is emotional pain in order to exist or not. The human body and the sensible world is OBJECTIVE and leaves no room for INTERPRETATION. If an arm is sawn you will remain without your arm despite your consideration of what happened. In the UNIMETA instead, things gets way more complicated. Emotional pain varies based on these elements: Concept, consideration, aura and significance. This is more or less the anatomy of perception and emotional reception that will be better explained later. But to make the concept clear, the loss of a loved one creates the same destabilization of the focus units caused by those of a painful if not more serious impact. The basic difference that in this case the static mind IS NOT DISCONNECTED. So this mental pain often remains “in hold” and can cause a great emotional depression in the individual as the PHOTOREC of the situation is full of -C/Minus charge energy. What we call LF or life force is regulated by a lot of different EQ (emotion qualities) such as happiness and sadness. The lower is an individual emotion the lower will be his LF. A person projects his behaviors based on the level of these charges that determine his projections, interpretations and behavior. A person can often get lost in an IDENTITY created by these Minus charges or by the concepts / significances present in these minus charges. The common denominator of all this remains that the subject as he loses in the game of life he loses control of the self, of his identity and loses autonomy and genuineness of his will ending up with a great portion of his mind being controlled by those -CHARGES and MECHANICAL SURVIVAL CIRCUITS.

All this is a clash of universes since such damage to the mind can move a person entirely into the universe UNIMETA or UNIMATTER. A DRONE (Person devoid of spirituality commanded almost completely by its mental circuits and -Charges) it is compacted by the physical universe (trapped in it) to the extent that it strikes him and vice versa in the case of the metaphysical universe. The opposite can also happen based on the cases, what we call UNIVERSE VIEWPOINT SHIFTING is when pain moves a subject towards one or the other reality, for that we find the drones minded beings or the “rainbow minded beings” (people who conceives only a metaphysical reality and avoid the force and survival laws of the UNIMATTER/sensitive universe. This is a form of fear)


Each person has his own GRADATION OF COUNSCIOUSNESS or GC and the Gradation determines a lot of an individual mindset and behaviour as for example his tastes, the way he lives and survives, his abilities and interests but above all the way in which he perceives REALITY. Reality is the UNIVERSES or VIEWPOINTS of perceived and observed data. Knowledge of a subject increases or decreases to the extent that it COMMUNICATES with its reality. Communication is a two-way flow, it is emitted and received. We communicate with what we see but also with what we perceive. Communication also depends on the Gradation of consciousness concept, starting from the lowest level (solid/sensitive) to the highest one (predict). It is no coincidence that the most ingenious men in the world have always been ahead of their times but have often failed to communicate their reality and discoveries as what they wanted to communicate was not found in the same UNIVERSES / STRATURES of reality perceived by the masses being extremely complex for lower gradations. People who can only communicate with what they see in the immediate present have a very low level of communication and can’t conceive METALOGICAL THINKING. METALOGICS are the logics and the calculations that a subject uses to operate and understand the metaphysical world (UNIMETA) and with it, also the mind. It is the only set of logical thinking that works outside the UNIMATTER mechanics . Metalogical thinking as its basis on the theory that the eternal static / recorder has no time, no space and no mass, so it is a constant VARIABLE, it is the only variable present in existence, it is what creates, postulates and organizes the sensible universe. Without it the universe would be “frozen” and invariable as a photograph. It is necessary to understand how metalogics works if our goal is to make a person more capable, happy and free from their weaknesses and pains. All attempts to improve man on the assumption that he was only matter (meat and bone) have NEVER worked. The field of medicine operates with physical bodies, but the world of metaphysics does not belong to it and vice-versa. The psychiatric discipline and similar arts, have the usual basic mistake of considering man a piece of meat and not keeping in mind that the UNIMATTER universe and the UNIMETA universe operate on each other but still remain parallel. This means that if we do not keep this data in mind we never get to anything good because as in a bridge, if a piece is out of place, everything else collapses sooner or later. We will not speculate why a very large slice of people are so ignorant, as this concerns the more advanced sections of this book, but it is fair to say that many people are aware of the fact that “something is wrong”. Being aware of this fact CLEARLY denotes that the subject has a higher gradation of consciousness than the current standard, as this is about PERCEIVING. Not about SEEING the obvious. Much has been said in the past about this gradation of consciousness in the past, often ending up in the field of mysticism and occultism, fields that do NOT particularly interest AUTOLOGIE.

Of beautiful words and philosophical ideas the world is quite full of it and frankly these things have done little to improve the state of man in general. What we want to point out is that there is a gradation of consciousness and it is vital to understand how the human mind works and how the static recorder observes data and reality and on which VIEWPOINT/UNIVERSE LAYER observes it. Observing and perceiving something indicates communicating with that something and when we communicate we also receive communication from that something, the best example is the art basically. Art itself is the UNIMETA communication at it fullest. A person understands and perceives to the extent that he can receive communication from the source / source that sends that communication. Art is an expression of an individual innerself and/or thought. Nowdays, the subject of arts becomes increasingly inaccessible to most of the masses as art is not “physical communication” so naturally a person understands art to the extent that it’s GC can coinceve what is being comunicated by an specific form of art. A book, a painting, a movie, a dance style, a landscape are all forms of expression with their own levels of communication. Needless to say, an extremely ignorant person cannot understand a very complex work of art as they do not are located in the same viewpoint of reality as those who create them and the same is true for emotions. DUPLICATION takes place exactly on this same mechanic. I am told of sadness, sadness is an EMOTIONAL TONE with its CONCEPT, SIGNIFICANCE AND AURA. AURA is the EMOTIONAL TONE and the CONCEPTUAL ELEMENT (the EMOTIONAL COLOR, PASSION WOULD BE RED for example) that a form of communication and / or action conveys. A good example is music above all. It is UNIMETA energy, it is not seen but it PERCEIVES based on our gradation of consciousness and what we have stored in our DATA BANK. These energy charges or AURAS are activated if we are able to comunicate with them (understand them in order to receive and duplicate the comunication) or if they are allready present in our DATA BANK, a theoretical BANK which contains al the data and charge (minus or plus) stored in our mind through our lifetime. They count CHARGES, not EVENTS by themselves. There are millions of ways to feel emotions as happiness or sadness, each with its own story and plot but the mechanics of cause up to effect of these charges remains allways the same. Still talking about art, some songs can make some people cry while others can make them laugh or not have any effect/reaction at all. Of course every song (or art form or expression) has its AURA and by a METALOGICAL VIEWPOINT if a sad song makes a person rejoice you can be sure that something is wrong with that person’s database cause the individual is doing a wrong association with something with a totally different charge present in his DATA BANK.

Life is extremely complex as it is an eternal variable, so for many people, especially those of “scientific thought” it is difficult to understand things like METAPHYSICS or METALOGICS since, unlike PHYSICS and the laws of UNIMATTER, the data here follows another set of logics and laws. Anyone with such a narrow view of reality will never be able to understand life and the human mind (Which is the mechanism that projects WILL itself into the UNIMATTER universe creating life). The task of Autologism is to make sure that man can finally understand METALOGICS, METAPHYSICS, and other similar subjects in a way that can at least be able to play a more fulfilling game, that is to say, a more adventurous life free of ignorance and fear.

About 99.99% of people have what we here call “ANOMALIES” in their own data bank and that naturally affects thinking, LF (life force), skill and ethics. These 4 elements are closely related: thought, life force, skill and ethics. This is the anatomy of the CAPACITY indicated by the initials ATELF (ability, thought, ethics, life force). The ATELF of an individual is what also forges its IDEALS, the ideals are the POINTS OF VIEW that a subject has on objective reality based on his gradation of consciousness + his ATELF. So the ideals are the result of the calculation: ATELF + GC = IDEAL. The lowest ideal is to live for oneself, not have one’s own ideas and be guided by the masses without asking questions in an EXISTENTIAL LOOP for its own sake. This is what characterizes the status of a drone, reflects a creative incapacity and the associative mechanism (COPY-PASTE) of the database. This happens in very low gradations of consciousness. The gradation of consciousness is connected to the ability of the subject since a conscious subject can ACCESS MORE DIMENSIONS OF REALITY. A dimension of reality can be any new activity that a subject undertakes that opens up new paths / adventures to it, and increases its knowledge. A conscious person is often curious and has interests if he is in a good mental, physical and spiritual condition, it expands his FIELDS OF OPERATION in more dimensions and layers of reality. Each activity is a new game with its identities, personalities, cast of characters and goals. Activities can be divided into physical activities (working, building, cleaning) and metaphysical / creative (composing, writing, drawing). These are projections of the lifestatic on the physical universe, its operation. A person lives life both in an OPERATIVE way (work, creation, activity) and in an RECIPEIVE manner (Entertainment, relaxation, recreation). The EQUILIBRIUM LAWS applies to everything from existence up to the smallest activities, they indicates that the “EXTREMES” never lead to a total sense of realization, one cannot be only operational or only receptive. We must be able to be both CAUSE and EFFECT. Human ability and skill creation depends upon it. A person living on any extreme/non-variable reality, becomes limited on the ATELF scale therefore in his own capacity and gradation of consciousness. It is our desire that the person can truly know life fully and live it on so many dimensions as explained above. The biggest challenge of an eternal static is to stand in front of boredom but also not to get caught up in the same games / activities. One of the causes of madness, suffering, disability and wickedness lies in the fact that the subject becomes trapped in situations that he is unable to get out of and considers himself to be done. This happens more and more often, unfortunately.

Autologie has ambitions and goals that are difficult but not impossible, and those must be achieved. We want to bring people to the ability to understand that they are not below the mechanics of existence and the UNIMATTER tough laws, but that they themselves are existence. RESPONSIBILITY is vital in order to be successful in life and being productive. Many people tend to forget that an eternal static in the end is responsible for everything and can do nothing but stand in front of these responsibilities. As The ATELF of a subject increases, also his responsibility increases and therefore his ability and desire to take control of things. A person can only control things from the moment he wants to be responsible for these things, if a person has a low ATELF then his responsibility will also be low and he will always try to avoid responsibility for things. The decision not to confront is almost always wrong regardless of the situation.

It is inevitable to affirm that all the negative charges in the database of a static recorder do nothing but eliminate all the positive aspects and the capacity of a person and an individual with and high GC is not allways tough. -Charges smashes him. The condition of dronism makes a person almost imune to the charges derived from the reality UNIMETA but also makes the life and capacity of the subject very limited and compacted into a UNIDIMENSIONAL reality, a LOOP EXISTENCE that characterizes a drone. A Drone is a NUMBER and not a 0 Static. The static is everything and nothing being multidimensional as it can aim at infinity for what concerns reality, activity, knowledge, operations etc. and etc. while a NUMBER is blocked on a static identity without variable, it remains always the same and is limited to SURVIVE. The vital difference between a static 0 and a DRONE, is that the first one lives and creates life while the second one only survives and REFLECTS CONTROL/COPY PASTE, which means that it projects the will of those who are in comand. And what could be called vulgarly a slave even if he doesn’t know he is.

Politically speaking, Autologie favors meritocracy and the global rise of individuals. Individuals create a society and not the other way around. A society commanded by a couple of capable individuals but full of average people can only collapse on itself or have very low living standards based on what could potentially be achieved. When the privileged are few, it is inevitable that others become slaves or less fortunate and the quality of life remains unbalanced. If you want a better society, you need to have the knowledge and the “improvement mindset” and work on your skills. Society is a body that works in a cooperative manner. Today’s societies are more like a bunch of people put together by chance who think they have nothing to do with each other. With this mindset you create everything but a stable and functional society. We disagree about how this world is managed by not having a real logical study of how life works. Bringing people to life in ignorance does not lead to anything good but to the history of wars, hatred, lack of ethics and fanaticism that characterizes a large part of human reality. A high gradation of conscience makes the subject observe and notice the existence of these situations and puts it in a position of cause regarding these problems and barriers. To make a population blind, it suffices to let it perish in ignorance which nullifies a subject’s gradation of consciousness. What characterizes drones is ignorance in the end. Ours is a crusade against ignorance.

Pain destroys a person by removing his ATELF through the negative charges which in turn disperse the subjects’ focus units which are vital for learning and receiving data beyond the gradation of consciousness. A person becomes droned since his concentration units are dispersed or totally displaced on a single universe. Since these never cease to exist, they are basically always disperse towards one of the two universes. Human skill decreases in the universe in which they are not present as there is no learning because the data is not captured and the PHOTORECS are inaccurate and unprocessed. The mechanism of WAIVER is activated when a person proves incapable on a field of life. The person simply says that that something does not interest him after all and basically has nothing to do with him, which at the actual level is an attack on his own ATELF. Therefore in Autologie it is vital to work on these pain charges and to make the focus units restabilize in order to open the doors of ability and knowledge to men. However, we admit that very powerful and conscious people are able to keep going despite the negative charges in the database and the dispersed concentration units, but these are exceptions that could always work better if these charges were canceled.

Later in this book it will be explained how to handle the database, the concentration units and their respective offices.


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