The debate of existence is a complex topic for those who decide to confront it. We live in a mysterious universe that we don’t know exactly for how long it exists and how it “came out”. Surely the number of questions is way higher than the number of avaible answers, so OBVIOUSLY also that of uncertainties compared to the certainties that we have. One of the few certainties that we have is that we surely exist, NOW and HERE. That we are living a shared experience. We, as beings, are recording eternity since time is nothing but a consideration that regards motion of matter and energy through space and time. We can be subject to everything and to nothing at the same time. We are subject to this shared experience called life or more precisely: EXISTENCE.

Many considerations on existence are based on what we observe in the UNIMATTER (universal matter) or, as most people call it: The sensory physical universe. We observe TIME, so we are subject to it. We observe, SPACE and therefore we are subject to it as well. We observe energy and matter and so on. We consider to observe to be present and all this makes us complicit and subject to existence and its mechanics. It is legit to consider the physical universe, its laws and present time as a reference point for what we call and consider reality. We tend TO observe outward existence and behavior so much that we automatically forget who actually the observer is. This dynamic ends up going on like this for so long that in the end we forget to be the observers and we end up totally involved in the observed reality. FOCUS UNITS, an analogy used by Autologie to describe “human concentration and localization of attention” are in constant motion (if the subject is an a good mental condition). We use our attention to observe and consider reality. If they move far beyond the source (the “I”) we end up losing contact with ourselves. Existence could be defined as an eternal static, a motionless unit of global consciousness not subjected to the laws of UNIMATTER and as we can see, the more we research and study the field of existence we arrive at same conclusion: The universe/UNIMATTER is a creation of “A static entity”, and it is also subject to its own creations, exactly as it happens in human life itself. It is impossible to conceive that it is the UNIMATTER to create the static consciousness of life since this has never happened in the course of countless trillions of years. Maybe to accept this reality may seem terrifying, but all the fields of metaphysics, quantum, psychology, some religions and philosophical branches POINT AT the same conclusion: that time does not exist and eternity is exactly what “Eternity” is, a “unit of time” without beginning and end. This theory WORKS. We are not searching for “TRUTH” here, but for WORKABILITY.

Consciousness is found, at least for now, only in human bodies. All explanations, discoveries, answers always came from a being “carrying consciousness inside him” and never from the consciousless UNIMATTER. Unimatter HAS LAWS, NOT ANSWERS. Knowledge of UNIMATTER physical mechanics allows a subject to better control it but the intention to control it and live in it find their source in the LIFE STATIC (or consciousness)

We can say so that the LIFE STATIC created the UNIMATTER and became subject to it over countless millions of years. The more life is subjugated by the physical universe, the more the FOCUS UNITS move towards it. The FOCUS UNITS as mentioned above are what allow a LIFE STATIC to locate ITSELF in the physical universe. By localization we mean: Finding a position TO BE in the physical universe through space and time. When the LIFE STATIC gets stuck in a point in space, it begins to lose sight of the original SOURCE POINT, which is “NO LOCATION”. Losing sight of the SOURCE POINT means being TRAPPED IN A LOCATION, wherever it may be. The “TRAP points” create disharmony between STATIC and KINETIC (physical universe). Those disharmonies trap the STATIC in precise points of physical space that it itself has created in some point of existence. A LIFE STATIC is always the SOURCE, even when it DE-LOCALIZES. THE FOCUS UNITS DE-LOCALIZE TO THE EXTENT THAT THE LIFE STATIC CONSIDERS THE TRAP POINT AS A SOURCE POINT. THE TRAP POINTS are NEVER source points. The only source is the life static, all other points are DERIVATIVE or SECONDARY points. The focus units are dispersed in these TRAP points since the source of everything, which is a LIFE STATIC, has lost sight of its original state of being. Keeping that in mind, al the consideration of a LIFE STATIC/BEING or simple a “human” are DE-LOCALIZED. He lost his original state of being, he is now “mud”, not a eternal being. Everything afterwards, his mind, education, observation and etc.. is subjected to the UNIMATTER physical law and mechanics. You got the point? Basically a person loses himself, his original source state of being and then e starts to decay slowly through timeless existence. You don’t have to believe or take those words for granted. You need only to grasp this concept: A person when loses his “original state of being” he loses his personality and the source of the cause of his problems. He starts to lose the ability to confront his problems, he starts to lose knowledge of life and existence and slowly he decays through lower stateS of being. He becomes “less human” and “More beast/matter”. Later we’RE gonna explain some emotional mechanics but keep in mind that all starts from “losing inner-self and knowledge of awareness”. That’s why we use the concept “Existential awareness” which is directly related to how a person experiences and lives life.

The basis of confusion is exactly something like this: A disharmony of the focus units blocked at one point in space/space-time. The subject no longer has a awareness of space-time, so he finds himself subject to those. The loss of control derives exactly from the blocked focus units and this loss of control is connected to the loss of ability. In Autologie control is: “the ability to operate as a being in the UNIMATTER”. A Life static then loses gradually his ability to control. It is not about “being able or not able”. The static can do anything and since it can do everything, he “can also do nothing”. The infinite theory, which is “not existence of time” goes from 0 to infinity and from infinity to 0, that’s why people lose all consciousness and gradually regain it and vice versa. It is all connected to what we call “cycle of eternity”, A theory which states that “everything has to happen and “not happen” again and again in order to maintain the “game of life” eternally “entertaining. . A static at the end is only attention, intention and will. Not anything else. We can work upon this theory to explain human ability mechanics and it’s connection to eternity, existence and emotion behavior.

Localization is what determines the gradation of consciousness and ability of AN INDIVIDUAL. The ability triad mechanic (control, creation and cause) and consciousness (being and observing) are what determine the quality of a subject’s existence. The FOCUS UNIT are all that a STATIC POSSESSES and they are what determine its consciousness and ability. The imbalance of location of those can make a subject very skilled in controlling the unimatter but extremely lack of creative intelligence and obtuse as regards his ability to BE SOURCE/CAUSE. Otherwise a subject can INTERNALIZE, which means: “Lose contact with the UNIMATTER while trapped in its own inner-thoughts” so much that he has no control over the present-time physical universe and its thousand factors and variables. These de-localization of FOCUS UNITS creates what we call “FIXED CONSIDERATIONS”. Those considerations are responsible for the creation of multiples UNIVERSES OF REALITIES that are opposed to other UNIVERSES OF REALITY. We can call those simply: Opinions. Opinions seems a inoffensive factor but they are not actually. They are considerations based on fixed inner realities that most of times they don’t match existence as a WHOLE. That means other beings and the Physical Universe. They don’t match the mechanics of our present universe and in this universe if you don’t match its mechanics it “counter-attacks” you. All anti-survival situations are derived from not matching UNIVERSAL MECHANICS AS A WHOLE. By that we mean doing a wrong calculation based on arbitrary data and opinions that can result harming you as a being or a group, society or entire nation.

All wars arise from the dilema of reality. Wars are nothing more than a PROJECTION of the de-localized disharmonies resulting from the attention units blocked on trap points in space-time which are basically the FIXED CONSIDERATIONS of an invidual or group of individuals. A fixed consideration is a fixed perceived REALITY UNIVERSE, a “mental trap”, is a thought LIMITER. A LIFE STATIC in it’s original state is a MULTIDIMENSIONAL entity, its thought travel through MULTIVERSES OF REALITIES at optimal and sane harmonic levels. The fixed and trap universes of reality are consequences of de-localization. You cannot be multidimensional if you’re trapped in a location of thought. It is a mental limiter. Total POSITIVE control therefore takes place at the MULTIVERSAL level, the same goes for ability of observation. If a point of view is FIXED then it can never be on all sides so it will naturally be limited. A reality therefore dominated by war cannot be anything other than a set of delocalized subjects. A war is a collision of universes of realities which disagrees with each other. They deny the “WHOLE CONSCIOUSNESS” mechanic which states that we as beings are all related and responsible for each other. So denying it what happens is what you see: Our contemporary world.

The deeper is the de-localization of the subjects present in a universe, the more conflicts there will be in the same. Since relocations diminish the gradation of consciousness and ability, it can be said that a universe inhabited by such beings is a chaotic universe.

The problem is not in moving localization, taking points of view or taking sides on universes of reality. The problem is to lose sight of the source state of being . We lose everything when we lose sight of ourselves and we stop living when we decide not to be part of ourselves. The problem with this universe is in relocation. Existence is what it is. It exists and it is eternal, there is nothing else to know about it. What matters is its quality which is indicated by the skill and consciousness of those who live it. In the end it all boils down to the relationship between “the self and the Self”. If it is aligned and harmonious the projections will be optimal/HARMONIC, if it is not, they will be anomalous/Disharmonic. It is only up to people to compare the fact of being responsible for everything since they are THE SOURCE. That means that we ARE total responsibility. That’s why many people fail to live, because they do not confront the fact of being the cause/responsible of everything and they begin precisely to “de-localize” gradually just to renounce their responsibility. It sadly does not work.

We can therefore observe that a person is closer to his “Inner-self” to the extent that he does not lose sight of the fact that he is the source of things. It is not a matter of mysticism, superior knowledge, third eye or other esoteric things of the genus but simply of localization of the units of concentration. The locations are STATIC / SOURCE / UNIMA and KINETIC / DERIVATIVE / UNIMATTER. The mental condition, tastes, ideas, considerations, projections and so on indicate the GRADATIONS OF EXISTENCE of a human being. The closer he gets to the source the more he is conscious. Consciousness, however, does not indicate the subject’s ability, if he strays too far from the unimatter, he internalizes himself and renounces control of physical reality. The balance between static and kinetic is always the optimum desired for a productive and sane life. With Autologie we aim to reach a “UNIVERSAL BALANCE” over everything, since it is what makes the subject multidimensional and adaptable. By adaptable we mean a subject that has its FOCUS UNITS free and totally under its control. The more the subject has control over his focus unites the better will be the quality of his operations in the physical universe. If the subject tends to get stuck often at the trap points, he is directly damaged at a mental level and gradually de-localizes in a more violent way ending up losing sight of his source-static nature and losing control over his actions in the physical universe. A DRONE, (an analogy to a person totally trapped and subjected to UNIMATTER Mechanics who does not have any knowledge and awareness of it’s original state) in the end is a static that is totally de-localized and therefore has passed all control over itself to the physical universe and to others beings.

To understand the condition, potential and quality of a human being well, it is therefore necessary to know where it is located as a being. Where are, his STREAM OF THOUGHTS, in which kind of REALITY UNIVERSE. From this we can also determine his mindset and how he experiences life in general. We can determine his control over himself and the other universes (the others beings universe and the physical one), we can determine his relationship with creativity, art, work, money, etc. and so on. THE STATIC IS THE ONLY VARIABLE IN THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE. This indicates to us that the more “droned” a subject is, the more droned he will be in the long run and therefore he will look more and more a copy of his surrounding environment. This applies to all the rest of his mindset, tastes and so on. This is why DRONES act all in the same way. They are no longer the static but a mirror of the kinetic / their environment. The social agreement is based on the location of the masses. A society degrades itself since everyone agrees on the relocation from STATIC TO KINETIC. Since at that point all the values, considerations, ideas and above all responsibility and comparison (which are the basis of the source) move from the source to the derivatives and all control of “inner-self” source reality is gradually lost. All the mental machinery and circuitry come to life after the subject’s de-localization, because the body has to intervene in one way or another in order to survive. This “mental machinery” are what we call “automatic and scripted behavior”. This means a subject which only “REACTS” to its environment. He has lost the ability to cause OVER the environment so as said before he becomes totally subjected to it. It may not seem at first glance, but it is the cause of many of human insanities. A being is conceived to be a creator, to “make things work”. Living a life without the “creative and causative factor” is automatically becoming “more environment” and “less human”. All mental machinery is “environment installed”. All the loss of awareness is related to it.

At that point we can say that his conscience is at a minimum level and he differs little from a UNIMATTER being, he becomes less and less variable and predictable as a person and instead of BEING, that is, acting in a conscious manner, he acts according to what is fixed and installed in its database. The database becomes increasingly fragile to the extent that a subject de-localizes, this means that it will be increasingly receptive to data from external sources for the reasons explained exhaustively in the chapter “introduction to Autologie”. so AS YOU CAN SEE, MENTAL IMPLANTS/FIXED IDEAS AND DATA CAN BE INSERTED VERY EASILY AND A DE-LOCALIZED MIND AND FROM THERE MASS CONTROL CAN TAKE PLACE. THAT’S ONE OF THE MAIN PROBLEMS OF MANKIND SADLY.

So let us take a look to the following scale, it is perfectly correlated with human awareness of existence, ethics and attitude towards life. It shows an individual localization:

Static —- Kinetic —– Solid

Truth —- Doubt —– Lie

Cause —- Confusion/Dispersion – Inertia/Effect

Be —– Have —- Do

Future —- Present —– Past

Victory —- Challenge —- Loss

Optimal —- Normal —- Mediocre

Extrovert — Middle extroversion/Introversion – Introvert

God — Human —- Object

Altruistic —- Egoistic —- Apathetic

Source point —- Terminal point —- Relay point

Brightness — Attention — Stupidity

Those are the TRIADS of EXISTENTIAL CONDITION. 3 is often considered the perfect number because it is the number of UNIVERSES WHICH WE ARE RELATED TO. THOSE ARE AS WE KNOW: UNIMATTER (PHYSICAL UNIVERSE/KINETIC) UNIMETA (METAPHYSICAL UNIVERSE/STATIC) AND THE EXISTENTIAL UNIVERSE WHICH IS OUR ACTUAL LIVING EXPERIENCE. In this universe logic have always 2 EXTREMES (left to right) and a MIDDLE. In order to have a GAME one has to move himself freely through those existential conditions described above. To be stuck in one or more of them is an undesirable condition but most of times you gonna find that the optimal levels always lies in the LEFT side of those triads. Obviously there are more TRIADS in logic but those are the most important.

Those are the attitudes which an individual have towards life. It is clear that less aware is a being less he will be on the left side of the scale but more on the right side. In order to reach higher attitudes towards live a subject has to discharge its DEZ (desharmonic energy zones). Also, the more a being is aware and in an emotional good shape, he will be more ethical and a “team player” that means that he will be more valuable to society and also productive. Being creating able and social caring beings one of our main objectives, that is wonderful for all of us.

It is really important also to know that knowledge of existence is the key to eternal ethics and ability. Ability is wholly mirrored in a beings attitude towards life and its responsibility level which results in confront, so here’s the final scales:

Knowledge — Learning — Ignorance

Confront — Observation — Withdrawal

So here we can see that confront and knowledge are essential to reach higher ethical level, higher ability levels and finally willingness to confront wherever we need to.

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