Our society and education analyzed by Autologie logical mechanics and perspective.

One of the main goals of Autologie’s study as explained before is EDUCATING a person on HOW TO LEARN. This indicates that basically what we are doing here is what school (especially in the first years of study which are the most important ones) and also the society itself on a larger scale, DO NOT DO even though it should be their main task. One of the core principles and meaning of educating is “Lead out” and also means “developing, refining”. Since current systems only tend to indoctrinate people in an authoritative manner to keep the STATUS QUO imperative, we can conclude that our education system does not EDUCATE anything but is a political tool of mind “shaping” or at least a knowledge limiter since it omits and obscures AWARENESS and the study of life at the applicable level, which should be men’s primary concern. A person’s mind can easily be depicted exactly like a DATA BANK present in a computer, but the difference between a human being and a machine as a computer is that the first SHOULD at least analyze the data offered to it, while the second simply receives all the data given without being able to protest since a computer is not a being provided with life and consciousness. So unlike a machine, a human being has to analyze information before deciding if it is correct or not. This is a natural capacity called DATA PROCESSING (the act of analyzing received and observed data) that works until incorrect ways of inserting data in people’s minds are perpetrated.

A datum has value only if PROCESSED (analyzed with human DATA PROCESSING ability) to then be applied and / or observed in the OBJECTIVE reality resulting FUNCTIONAL and USEFUL. a datum must be valid and not indispensable, because so much data does nothing good to a person, it could in reality confuse an individual. It’s a great way to divert people’s attention and make them lose time and sight of what really matters. This is another of the key reasons why we do not support the method used in schools which often makes students lose so much time with less valuable data (irrelevant) and even risk boring them since they are not concerned with ZONES of interest of the students (By zones we mean areas of interest of a human being), decreasing the student’s AFFINITY towards the subject studied and on a larger scale, to school and education themselves. Have you ever noticed how many people abandon school and how many successful and/or genius people had abandoned school also?

Only through a smooth DATA PROCESSING we can apply and teach to others what we learn (this means that total MASTERY condition is reached only through the integrity and genuineness of the data received and not on the basis of the “i’ve heard them say” or “you have to believe/understand this in order to pass the exam”) beyond being able to decide whether they are valid and important as data or not. The POWER OF CHOICE remains the most important factor when it comes to KEEP data or ignore them. You cannot force someone believing or accepting something, this is not education, this is indoctrination through Authoritarian methods.

Well, having said that, we can affirm that Authoritarian indoctrination bypasses this mechanic that we call DATA PROCESSING because it teaches from the beginning to people to accept the data based on the authority expressed by the socially considered authoritarian figures. Children as children all (or almost all) pass through these schemes. For them, the main authority are their parents as they are also their source of survival. Going against a source of survival means getting into trouble and in some cases risking your own survival, so we end up believing that in order to survive we have to accept everything that comes from what we consider our sources of survival. At school, the pattern repeats itself, a children used to listening and accepting what their parents (or what they considered their sources of survival basically) always told them, will end up adopting the same pattern with their teachers because in the end, they also are that figures that KNOW what is right, while the only thing that a child has been taught is that he cannot “BE” this means that a child always when he did something that was not right for his parents, he got in some way punished or invalidated, and always when he did not know something, instead of having the opportunity to discover that something by himself, he was accustomed to settle for his parents’ answers, or their desire to have to show and teach their children everything before allowing their child to experience directly and confront what interested him. Curiosity is often not frowned upon because many parents in this extremely hectic and busy world of personal problems do not have the will to answer all the questions their children ask them.

There are also situations where parents directly think for their children. In both cases most children are not allowed to “BE”, express themselves. This is the common denominator of all NEGATIVE CONTROL, that is NOT allowing a being to BE. If a person is not allowed to BE, he will get used to NOT BEING, will not develop his own knowledge and ability and on a larger scale he will start to believe that things are right this way and to behave and control others in the same way he was controlled. In Autologie there is a phenomenon that we call SOCIAL AGREEMENT, that is, a set of data and information that are shared and accepted by the masses, beyond their truthfulness and usefulness. Those are data proposed to the masses by the government, called in Autologie “POLITICAL IMPLANTING” since they are installed in the minds of people exactly like a machine and / or program in a computer that remains fixed until it is removed. THE SOCIAL AGREEMENT is the set of these fixed ideas that create the standard mindset full of FIXED / NOT VARIABLE DATA, which cannot be changed until they are submitted to the DATA PROCESSING Technique. All this creates what we call a IMPLANTED SOCIETY MADE BY UNTHINKING DRONES, since people stop analyzing and accept the data as they come from the authoritarian figures. This is the complete opposite of what education means, it does not “lead out” anything but actually IMPLANT data that bypasses the DATA PROCESSING mechanism thanks to the AUTHORITARIANISM that takes hold of the subject’s SURVIVAL SCHEMATICS, that is, the mindset that analyzes everything keeping in mind the factor SURVIVAL. Therefore from when a source of survival becomes an authoritarian figure, then by force of circumstances all that it says, according to the average mind of the masses, HAVE to be true, as explained above. This therefore cancels the individual “free will” because he becomes part of a MASS AGREEMENT and not a being that analyzes the truthfulness of things individually. This is exactly as said before the opposite of education. This is what we call MASS IMPLANTING. Ironically speaking this imposed mechanics that we call DATA IMPLANTING will give a condition of “MASTERY” on the “ability” of NOT BEING (Which is “no free will”). If you are a good observer, you will notice that things go more or less like this. A person who “IS NOT” (not being/no free will/free thinking), does not analyze what he is told by an authoritarian source (which is the main cause of the condition of NOT BEING) and accepts that condition since he considers that this is “pro-survival” (Any action who is considered good to an individual well being) . You must keep this in mind: The common denominator of all authoritarianisms is to control people through their mental and consideration of survival mechanics, for instance, phrases like “If you do not do so you will die, “it is for your own good” or “you have to listen to me or else I’ll do you out ” implants ANTI-SURVIVAL mechanics and thoughts in the mind of those who receive those implants, and therefore to survive people considers that they must obey. Of course this is just an example just to make you understand the meaning of what we’re trying to express. When this mental scheme (MINDSET) is established and implanted in the subject’s databank (and on a larger scale, of the masses), he acts like a DRONE , that is, a subject that receives data exactly as data is installed on a computer which has no consciousness (a being with no identity has also no will). This mechanism creates SOCIAL MECHANICS because it is directly related to survival which in turn is related to learning. So learning becomes the acceptance of authoritarian indoctrination because it represents survival and survival is what the social agreement is basically about since we all have to survive as human beings, so this indicates that those who are not “aligned” with the authoritarian data imposed by school indoctrination are considered a “potentially problematic subject” in the eyes of society, so its ideas even if genuine (indeed, ESPECIALLY if genuine) are misunderstood because they have not received the SOCIAL AGREEMENT which basically is: the CONSIDERATION that an idea works and is valid to benefit a being and/or a group well-being and survival.

Societies, religions, politics and the field of ideology in general are governed by these mechanics. People accept without questioning or BELIEVE without asking questions, simply because they have been accustomed to NOT BEING. Not being indicates not knowing and not knowing means not developing skills and all this denies a condition of MASTERY (but also simple learning) towards any subject.

Why do we talk so much about control and / or indoctrination? BECAUSE WHEN PEOPLE CANNOT TEACH OR MAKE OTHER PEOPLE “BETTER” THEY START OBSESSIVELY CONTROL EVERYONE WHO DOES NOT AGREE WITH THEM. That is to say “Mikey is an irretrievable idiot, give him orders and keep him good, he must not do anything else!”. Control is only a very low level of “teaching”, it is the way of teaching of the incapable and / or of the one who believes that people cannot improve (some really can’t but that is another matter ..). People do not know how to communicate in those situations, communicating means relaying a message and / or flow from point A to point B, so if they are unable to communicate, they will naturally not be able to teach. To communicate does not mean simply just talking. It is a much broader and more functional concept.

A government and / or state full of lies is a government that wants to CONTROL its citizens because this is the only reason to lie. Controlling actions or emotions of others are always actions aimed at the advantage of those who perpetrate them. No one controls (negatively) or lies for the sake of others, even if they think they do. Positive control is to GUIDE someone and to guide someone we need to COMMUNICATE. Lies are not a form of communication because false DATA does not create LOGICAL ALIGNMENT. A lie if analyzed well never follow the LOGICAL MECHANICS that will be explained later. Keep in mind that those who usually lie should constantly perpetrate and align their lies with other new or older lies. This in Autologie is called CORRECTION. A lie is not simply a lie, but can also be anything that does not work and is devoid of logic. A person often takes wrong actions and perpetrate them only to not admit to themrelves that they were wrong and tries to “make true” his mistake with what he really wants. This means that if one wanted to be a singer but ended up being a sailor “because this is the way things are ” he will for instance start singing on the ship and say to himself “oh but at least I’m still singing” even though he knows that he is living a life he doesn’t want to live. This is what we mean by CORRECTION CONDITION. That creates false goals or sub-purposes (Those goals we have undertaken only because we have considered that we cannot reach what we really wanted to achieve). It perpetrates the error / lie through time, and is governed by the mechanism that dictates that the mind can never make mistakes because it is wrong to make a mistake for the mind. It means: Mistake = anti-survival and anti-survival = death / defeat and the mind cannot afford the “luxury” of making a mistake. This is also the anatomy of the justifications and why people keep making mistakes even if those mistakes keep damaging them.

If you make a drawing with a pencil tracing the source point of a datum (whether true or not) and marking a line on each subject that accepts it, you will see that this line can be connected from subject to subject. Data alignement works this way, the problem is not the data, but how they are received. False or low-value data have little power if a subject knows how data is received and analyzed.

This explains why indoctrination works and people perpetrates them on from subject to subject. These operate as LINKS in the PERSONAL DATA BANK and create these SOCIAL AGREEMENTS among the masses. The type of data can be of any kind, this happens a lot in the field of religion, but when this happens in the field of learning it means that we really have a big problem.

Now in this chapter we will not be exactly analyzing what are the lies perpetrated by those who are “in power” cause this is only speculative talk and we are not interested in that, but we are only dealing with HOW THE DATA MAY BE RECEIVED. Once this is resolved, a person has the possibility to learn and improve for real and especially: It will NEVER again be subject to false data, negative control and lies in general. A person who knows how to analyze the data as it should be and has been freed from all lies can be considered EDUCATED in the true sense of the word, since he will be able to learn and above all ANALYZE WITH HIS MIND.

We are convinced that all mental control, false religions, lies and anything resembling a false information would disappear if people were able to analyze things with their own minds for HOW THEY ACTUALLY ARE.

A mind full of false data and indoctrination does not have what we call a “STATIC ANALYZER / CALCULATION METHOD 0”. That means that the subject analyzes data by how it is in PRESENT TIME, without using arbitrary data from is databank related to something related to a past moment. Old data has nothing to do in a present time analysis, an optimal mind should always analyze in present time. But a “calculator related to / method of calculation +1” is the way most human beings calculates and analyzes data thanks to “modern education”. That means that after so many lies and false data, people start to analyze data BASED ON WHAT THEY ALREADY AGREE AND WHAT IS ALREADY IMPLANTED IN THEIR DATA BANK. Because of this they’re unable to observe present time phenomena without doing past-time ASSOCIATIONS. A “static analyzer” would be like a true 0, or something that looks at things as they are in present time. 0 apples and true 0 are two different zeroes. The first is relative to apples and the second is a 0 in the true meaning of the symbol. If a person were to calculate everything based on apples (or any other ABNORMAL data) present in his database, it would never come out anything good from it. What we call MENTAL ANOMALIES are basically false and / or ANTI-SURVIVAL data that a person has in it’s DATABASE. They overload cause they are false, and as explained before, false data tend to perpetrate itself while truth stops perpetrating things. The truth about unsolvable problems is that they’re a lie that perpetrates through time itself. So if the database is overloaded with ANOMALIES it will start to respond badly without doing the needed DATA PROCESSING of information. It’s approach to OBJECTIVE REALITY will be full of SUBJECTIVE INTERFERENCES, based on the present ABNORMAL (fake data) content of its DATABASE. Basically what people call “ILLUSIONS” are a clash / interference of the objective reality with the subjective one. These clashes occur ONLY if there are anomalous data. A mind devoid of ANOMALIES, ALWAYS ALIGNS the objective reality with the subjective one. It is the alignment of the realities that produce a capable and intelligent person. The test used to consider whether a datum is true is whether this datum works and to make any idea or thought work, is that it must be aligned. This is the logical method used by the mind, which aligns data with data until it reaches a conclusion.

We can note that therefore indoctrination is a DISASTER for the mind and consequently human capacity and self-development. It is the evil of this planet and makes it a mental prison. ANOMALIES are one of the main causes of madness. The common denominator of all insanity are illogical behaviors not aligned with objective reality. A fool usually does not communicate with his present environment. When we use data present in our database, whether it is right or not, we are always dealing with data from the past. Solutions to the various problems of life may not always be found in the data present in the subject’s database, which means that he must also OPERATE in present time. People’s I.Q is measured by how much they are able to solve problems IN THE PRESENT, how fast and how quickly they process answers. This is interesting, because if you didn’t have a database full of useless data, you would immediately try to solve the problem for what it actually is in present time without wasting your time making association using past data in your databank. You lose time when you look in your databank data cause you have to search for it most of the times. This explains why people who are filled with data that has never been analyzed become increasingly stupid and slower in thinking. It is like to load a computer with tons of files and media, it gets slower and slower as long more files are added. It needs a good RAM and the speed of the human “RAM” is its I.Q.

The CALCULATOR / DATA PROCESSOR is the mental process used to calculate and analyze data. It has what we call FOCUS UNITS which are used by the person to capture and observe data and PHOTORECS (mental images) in the physical universe, called UNIMATTER in Autologie as we explained in the prior chapter. The focus units work to the extent that the person is conscious and free of anomalies and false data in its database. If a person is indirectly invited “to not think” (which is equivalent to the process of BELIEVING) the focus units “Turn off” while in the learning and the DATA PROCESSING is bypassed as explained above. This explains the slowing down of people’s computing speed and the “automaton” aspect that a person can have while studying and / or receiving data. The mass implanting perpetrated by the authoritarian schools causes a large decrease in people’s I.Q together with the other consequences mentioned above.

We can conclude that those responsible for education make people more idiotic or at best, they don’t make them improve at all. The so-called genius are exceptions to the rule or in most cases “excellent parrots”. It is no coincidence that geniuses like Einstein and many others went “bad” at school and most probably most philosophers and artists in general. It is well known that those who do not compromise with the social agreement are in one way or another marginalized by the masses. This is one of the consequences of the mechanism of the social agreement and of the mass implanting that has always been part of the machinery companies, that is, “if you are a piece out of machinery then you will be left out!”

In the end what happens is that people are not taught how to study but only how to be indoctrinated, the rest is what you see. The fact that you agree or disagree with the ideal of Autologie towards education or study does not change the objective reality. People after a certain amount of indoctrination / mental washing become irrecoverable because their analyzer “breaks” along with their ability to use their mind which is men most powerful weapon. A person who arrived at this stage considered “believing in authority” the same thing as “optimal survival” and has become accustomed to doing so. This is what we call a DRONIZED mind. The social mass agreement mind.

Analyzing some mechanics:

Now, the paradox starts from the moment people were not allowed to BE (and an individual is “WANTING” and “BEING”, because of this he was evidently DENIED as an individual), this indicates that people were not allowed to have CONSIDERATIONS on the things that they have been “taught” but accepted regardless. The paradox is that the CONSIDERATION in this case would be: “BELIEVE IN EVERYTHING THAT THE AUTHORITY FIGURES TELL US”. CONSIDERATIONS create MECHANICS, mechanics are the set of considerations that give or do not agree to ideas and / or actions. Since in a society where the BEING was denied and it was said that “MUST BELIEVE THE AUTHORITY” such consideration has created the mechanics of “NEED TO BELIEVE” which invalidates itself “the BEING”, creates this kind of social agreement and remains blocked in this condition thus creating a “MACHINERY SOCIETY” where everyone has the same consideration and thus creates the same agreement and social mechanics. The fact that the masses look ALL the same, especially in learning is NOT a case at all, but follows this authoritarian pattern of mass implanting:





These are basically the DRONISTIC mechanics, and as said before, the mechanics establish a society and its policies / ideals. One person is BE-DO AND HAVE, this is what a STATIC (Being devoid of mass, space and time) is: BE,DO AND HAVE. He decides to BE a pilot to DO the races and HAVE the victories or the pleasure of being and doing what he wants. This is the TRIAD of life and if you deny that you deny the being who in the end is LIFE itself.

With authoritarian MECHANICS you create dronistic and machinery companies, you don’t have INDIVIDUALS but GROUPS / PHOTOCOPIES. You have no life but slavery and you destroy all that a capable and wise being can create. By consequence you create a worse and less capable society.

It is impossible to improve and be able if we cannot “BE”. Indeed, you could not even call it life, the one that makes a human DRONE that works with a DATABASE full of abnormal data based on the aforementioned mechanics. It’s like hypnotizing a person with a series of data and “making it go automatically”. This generates a LOOP STATUS, which is a condition in which the person lives his life almost identically based on the data present in his database without changing routines, mindsets and operational schemes.

Skill is not created with authoritarianism, that glimmer of skill you create is mechanical and limited. Only a free person in whom he is allowed to BE can truly LEARN and APPLY things, making them HIS abilities.

This society rewards slavery and not freedom. People HAVE only if they obey, so to HAVE YOU CANNOT BE. Our Capitalistic society is based on this concept. The end of many dreams (which are “the BEING” in all respects) follows this pattern. People to survive “better” (at a material level at least) must do what they do not want or they would not want if they were really themselves without the anomalies installed in their database.

A human being is a spiritual being since he is endowed with conscience / life (which consists precisely of BEING-DO-HAVE) and a MACHINERY society naturally denies the existence of a spiritual identity, denying what should be a HUMAN lifestyle. From then on all that follows is a creation of drones after drones.

This condition was also perpetrated in the past by religions, in a different forms, but the purpose was the same: to create beings unable to think for themselves. This will be better explained further.

These are precise mechanics created specifically for mind control by who knows exactly how they work. Mind control itself follows a logic, only through ALIGNMENT OF LOGIC can we create things that works. Everything that does not work is NOT ALIGNED. This is an indisputable truth. So if something happens it is NOT RANDOMLY but it has been organized in some way.

Autologie has only as its purpose to restore the ability to think with one’s own head to the people and to EDUCATE, or to draw out the DRONISTIC indoctrination created by the “educational” Authorities and not only of the present system.


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