Autologie – The study of “oneself”

Autologie is a new discipline and approach towards the subject of life and “oneself”. It means “Auto” which is “self” and “Logie/Logos” which is “study” of. Literally the “Study of oneself.

Through a steady study and observation of all activities which regards human existence such as creativity, survival, emotion, ideology, word and etc.. our group came to the conclusion that man needed a “study of studies” which embraced basically life wholly as a subject. Our aim is to make a person be allways more able and happy through the study of life because an individual knows more himself to the degree which he understands life. Nowdays, more and more people are looking for “their true self or nature” and for Knowledge in order to improve their life quality and well-being. Those persons want to know who they are and where they are going, which is a key factor to choose WHO TO BE and WHAT TO DO. Certainty and knowledge are the basic key to success whereas doubt and ignorance are the cause of all failures. We did all this just for you because we consider that the highest goal in life is to create ability and happiness to our fellow human beings.

Autologie is both a complex yet simple subject which needs a steady and dedicated study to guarantee it’s effectiveness. The subject is organized in precise sections of study because it aims to give a person full understanding of it’s principles. Also it is designed TO BE APPLIED as subject. Application of a principle is the only way to know if it really works and especially: If it enhance us as individuals and with it, our knowledge. We deliver knowledge, not miracles, but we expect a serious attitude towards the subject from anyone really interessed in receiving gains from it. We are here for you. Your happiness is our happiness!


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