Autologie (pronounced Auto – lo – ghie) means “Auto” which stands for “self” and / or “oneself” and “logos / logie” which stands for study. Autologie is a series of precisely organized techniques based on defined logics, axioms and derived from experiential situations, grouped and ordered according to the teachings, technologies and discoveries of the greatest researchers of existence as a subject. Autologie homages people such as Freud, Tesla, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Jung, Gallileo, Newton and other great scholars of existence, also make their knowledge available to the ordinary individual. This discipline also has a set of well-structured techniques that must be studied and applied in a progressive, constant and precise way in order to guarantee the practitioner a much greater knowledge of “self” and life. This set of techniques does not guarantee miracles since Autologie has as its central thought that “the individual is the main responsible for himself and his knowledge” but guarantees the knowledge necessary to be able to operate better in one’s life and in the daily life with other people.

Autologie is a PRACTICAL and EXPERIENTIAL subject as well as a theoretical one. A thorough and serious study is needed beyond the sincere and self-determined intention of “wanting to grow and improve as an individual”. Here we are not selling miracles much less promising an easy way but we are promising a way that WORKS if we start with the right attitude. The data and knowledge contained in the materials of Autologie MUST BE APPLIED.

The benefits aimed by Autologie are:

1 – A greater knowledge of oneself and of life which allows the individual to be whole and disciplined towards himself so as to be accordingly towards his own goals and the people around him.

2 – An increase in empathy and tolerance towards one’s fellows. It is often due to the lack of knowledge of the behavioral and existential mechanics that we cannot understand and manage the people around us and we end up moving away from those we love. This happens very often in our family, among friends and in one’s workplace. Knowing how to manage people is extremely important to succeed in life and lead a pleasant existence.

3 – An increase in self-Discipline. The better a man knows himself the better he starts to understand exactly WHAT HE WANTS and WHAT HE MUST DO IN ORDER TO GET IT. Self-discipline is the true meaning of “self-esteem”. Self-esteem does not exist if you are not disciplined and if we do not know who we are and where we want to go, by logical means we’ll end up not doing what we should do. With Autologie it will be possible to finally begin to respect ourselves by doing what we have promised ourselves. Self-esteem is maintained to the extent we keep the promises made to ourselves.

4 – An increase in certainty. If we are not sure of who we are and what we do it is natural that we will end up not doing things the way we want to do them. There will be counter-intentions generated by our uncertainties that will prevent us from pursuing our goals consistently. The certainty obtained with Autologie through a better relationship between our “self” and “oneself” generates the integrity necessary to do what we are SURE TO WANT TO DO allowing us to Operate in a completely smooth way without the usual uncertainties and insecurities that hinder the way between us and our goals.

5 – A knowledge of existential mechanics. Being the central topic of Autologie, existential mechanics are the discoveries to “how to play the game of living”. These deal with all the dynamics and areas interested in man and his actions. Through an experienced and capable staff in different areas of life we’ve been able to observe exactly how the mechanics work within each situation concerning communication between individuals and how human beings work for their own survival and happiness. These mechanics are the observation of the CAUSE of actions up to their EFFECT. This is a true revolution of human thought since over time educational systems being retrograde have taught us only to observe the effect of phenomena (so only what they LEARN and not what they CURRENTLY are) and not directly the cause and their operational mechanics. This is the central heart of our educational art and is a totally new way of seeing the world, life and existence.

These are just some of the points that you can improve thanks to the study and APPLICATION of Autogie. In Autologie you will be followed by an OPERATOR, an individual who practices and trains people in Autologie in order to understand and correctly apply the techniques proposed by this discipline. All the core data about how
how mind works are described in this book along with the anatomy of our MENTAL
RECORDINGS and how they influence our existence. You gonna also learn how to
erase negative mental charge (Called -CHARGE in Autologie) and create ability through Autologie’s UPGRADING technique which are the main self-improvement application tools in this new discipline.

And last but most importantly: Autologie is YOU and was created and organized for YOU. We are a group without dogmas, creeds and authoritarianism. Our true and only “beliefs” are: “It is true only if it works” and “the main responsibility of the individual is towards himself”. Here you will learn that giving value to oneself is not a simple choice but it is essential if we want to reach states of existence that are more pleasant and above all to be Self-Determined. In Autologie we will be willing to create a completely oriented program for you where you can solve the problems you want and develop the skills you want. Our goal is to help develop the potential of individuals by ensuring that they are the first to want to help themselves. We work with anyone who is willing to do this and WE GUARANTEE THE RESULTS ABOVE.

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